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What prevents line managers from being effective? Management

What prevents line managers from being effective?

Research shows that good people management has a positive impact on profitability but does it mean it's a top priority for line managers who are overloaded with time-critical operational tasks? …

1 year ago
Accountability And Empowerment Management

Accountability And Empowerment

Although there's a greater recognition now of the importance of managers, this doesn't mean that where organisations have devolved greater accountability to the line it has always been successful. …

1 year ago
Ineffective Managers Create Risk Management

Ineffective Managers Create Risk

There is a very good reason why organisations should be making sure that their people managers are properly equipped to do their jobs effectively: a failure to do so creates significant risk. …

1 year ago
Duplicate Efforts of HR and Managers? Management

Duplicate Efforts of HR and Managers?

How well do your managers perform and how are they being assessed, and against what criteria? …

1 year ago
The Role of Front-Line Managers Management

The Role of Front-Line Managers

Do you have an effective management structure that is able and willing to deliver a culture where their responsible daily management activities are dealt with correctly, consistently and compliantly? …

1 year ago

Conscious Unconscious Incompetence

Have you any idea about how much you don’t know? …

1 year ago

Micro Managed or Empowered Employees?

I read a series of comments on LinkedIn today, posted against a picture of gridlock on the M4 motorway. …

2 years ago
Workflow Process Escalation Prompts Youmanage

Workflow Process Escalation Prompts

Are HR continually chasing managers and employees to complete tasks? Absolutely they are, you can bet on that! …

2 years ago
Client Enhancement Requests Delivered Youmanage

Client Enhancement Requests Delivered

Being responsive to a clients' specific functional requirements is one of the most rewarding aspects of agile product development at Youmanage. …

3 years ago
New Employee Leavers Checklist Functionality Youmanage

New Employee Leavers Checklist Functionality

Our diligent Development Team have significantly enhanced the standard ‘Record a Leaver’ workflow process capabilities within Youmanage. …

3 years ago