Collaboration: e-Learning capabilities and the power of API integrations

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Process automation and data integrity are at the forefront of the minds of those companies wishing to streamline their operations. They seek to reduce data errors and provide instant visibility of their employee data. And by enabling API integrations they are able to create data-sharing connections between two or more software applications.

Knowing that easy integrations with other software applications are a key requirement in many purchasing decisions, Youmanage continues to strengthen its list of Standard Integrations, and with this latest addition, we are able to provide e-Learning capability to the growing Youmanage user base community.

All users of Youmanage can now take advantage of this seamless connectivity by adopting a rapid integration model to share data between Youmanage and Astute e-Learning, by DeltaNet International, also part of Marlowe PLC. Users of Astute can identify knowledge gaps, prioritise each learner’s needs, address skills shortages and track employee learning.

From within the Youmanage in-app Marketplace, the integration can be easily configured by non-IT users, be deployed using our templated integration methodology, and be fully operational within a few clicks.

The advantages of using API integrations:

  • Save Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Encourage Innovation
  • Improve Collaboration


The automatic synchronisation of data ensures that all newly created employees in Youmanage have a matching learner record added into Astute and that any further changes made in Youmanage will also be updated in Astute. And any e-Learning courses that an employee has been enrolled in, will be displayed on the Training Summary of the employee record within Youmanage.

For those clients who are already using the Astute e-Learning platform, you will now be able to automatically sync your employees from Youmanage, so when a new employee joins your organisation or an employee changes their details, the information is automatically synchronised. Information relating to the courses that each employee has completed is also fed back into the Youmanage application.

For more information on Astute e-Learning from DeltaNet International or the integration capabilities between the two systems, please get in touch with us at [email protected]k, or by calling 01259 233998