Youmanage HR Responds to Government Temporary Guidelines for Fit Note Requirements

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From the 10th of December 2021 until 27th January 2022, Fit notes/Medical Evidence of illness has been temporarily changed from 7 days to 28 days to relieve pressure on GP’s during the Coronavirus booster programme.

In-built within the Youmanage platform are absence management processes which have been designed to follow UK legislation and guide employers through the steps of managing employee absenteeism and return to work, offering guidance and support at every step.

When Youmanage first heard of these changes, we waited to see if any of our client base would request a change in process – which they did. Being an Agile software development team, we quickly reacted to our client’s needs, updated our software and sent out notifications to let our clients know that this change to the process was available.

As this is currently a temporary measure, our development team has put in place an internal switch to revert the Fit Note length as and when the government confirms the end date of the initiative, when it’s likely to return to the normal 7-day period.

For full details and keep up to date with any future changes visit:-

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The concept for Youmanage is based on the belief that for those organisations who have a desire to improve the focus, competence, and productivity of their employees, whilst at the same time enforce compliance with relevant employment regulations and standards, then they need to provide better support to their users through a new breed of HR technology.

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Youmanage helps to ensure that your people managers act in accordance with current employment legislation and that your organisation meets its HR-related compliance and data protection and information security obligations.