About Youmanage

The Youmanage service is more than HR software, it’s an operational business tool, helping companies to improve the quality and effectiveness of their HR management processes.

The concept for Youmanage is based on the belief that for those organisations who have a desire to improve the focus, competence, and productivity of their employees, whilst at the same time enforce compliance with relevant employment regulations and standards, then they need to provide better support to their users through a new breed of HR technology.

Our industry-focused expertise ensures that we bring you first-class HR solutions that bring together all of the data, processes, and policy guidance that both line managers and HR professionals need, in equal measures, to manage employees effectively via a single, easy-to-use, cloud HR software system. The Youmanage toolkit consists of a suite of modules that span the complete employee lifecycle and provides HR teams and people managers with all of the tools, know-how and HR analytics they need from a modern and progressive HR software system.

Youmanage helps to ensure that your people managers act in accordance with current employment legislation and that your organisation meets its HR-related compliance and data protection and information security obligations.

Our Mission

We inspire organisations to evolve and progress their people management strategies; we enable our clients to empower their employees and people managers through our innovative, business process automation and compliance-led HR software platform.

Our Values

Youmanage has a set of values that defines who we are and guides us on our mission:

  • Agile
  • Youmanage is agile. We draw on all the talents of our employees, and these talents are focused on delivering extraordinary value to our customers and stakeholders. We value individuals and interactions over processes and tools, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan

  • Innovative
  • We continuously come up with new ideas and radical ways of thinking. We move beyond the status quo and look over the horizon to anticipate changes before they happen

  • Collaborative
  • We have an open and collaborative culture, where no topic is taboo, and we include everyone on our journey

  • Ambitious
  • We have a ruthless determination to succeed by ensuring the customer always comes first

  • Professional
  • We conduct ourselves in an efficient and accomplished manner, drawing on the expertise of our people to continually impress our customers and ensure their needs and wants are satisfied

Our Culture

At Youmanage, we aim to enhance and grow our values-driven working environment, so that all team members are comfortable bringing creativity to their respective job roles. Our people should always feel responsible, valued and included and always encouraged to add value to Youmanage through being innovative and forward-thinking. We work as a team to continually commit to powering HR management success for our customers.