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Important Employment Law Changes to look out for in 2021 Each year, without a doubt, HR teams all over the UK are required to make adjustments to their current internal […]
At the Prime Minister Boris Johnsons live announcement on Saturday 31st October he revealed that the furlough scheme that was originally introduced in March would be extended for a further […]
On Saturday 31st October 2020 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a second national lockdown for England in a bid to stop the continued spread of coronavirus and protect the […]
The UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced that furlough, or to give it its official title The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, would indeed end on 31st October 2020 as planned. This […]
During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that you know how Youmanage can help you overcome the challenges presented by the crisis. We understand that your business continuity plans are currently […]
In 2017, the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices put forward 53 recommendations to the UK Government based on employment laws and regulations, which formed the basis of the subsequent […]
Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK continue to be put ‘on furlough’ since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. ‘Furlough’ is the term used for when a business’ employees […]