Implementation Support

✔ We'll be on hand to offer you full support through each step of the implementation process and beyond, where technical and product support is an intrinsic element of the Youmanage subscription fee

✔ We work closely with every client to ensure that each system is configured correctly and will meet your specific operational requirements

✔ As part of the implementation, we'll import your existing employee records into Youmanage

Youmanage Support Desk

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Rapid Implementation
Whether you choose to self-implement, or want Youmanage to assist you, our focus is always to ensure that your unique Youmanage setup achieves your overall business objectives.

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Data Upload
Youmanage will assist you in uploading your data to the system using our comprehensive data import templates.

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Software Training
We offer both System Administrator and end-user training, allowing you and your colleagues to get the most out of Youmanage.

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"We were looking for a system that was intuitive, user-friendly and with a great reporting function. After extensively researching all manner of HR systems, Youmanage was one of the last systems we had demonstrated to us and we were very impressed with its functionality and how it ticked every single box on our extensive wishlist."

Mel Harfitt - Scotts
Mel Harfitt, HR Manager

LEE Filters

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Data Security

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Enterprise Hosting

The Youmanage service platform is based on advanced, industry-leading technologies and a highly-resilient cloud hosting platform to ensure the greatest levels of service availability, interoperability, and security.

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Data Separation

Security is managed at the physical level by our ISO 27001-certified data centre, and at the logical level with industry-leading HA firewalling, and virtual machine separation. At the application level, Youmanage features SSL session encryption, user access control, and database level data separation.

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Data Encryption

All communication with Youmanage servers is protected by secure 128-bit SSL encryption, and our security certificates are issued by Comodo, the global leader in cyber security solutions.

Our Professional Promises To You

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Customer Success

The success of our customers drives everything we do at Youmanage – that's why we work hard to provide the finest customer support available, as well as delivering specific enhancements to the platform for you.

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Data Compliance

Youmanage fully complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 in the delivery of our service to all of our customers, and we're also dedicated to helping our customers comply with the Data Protection Act.

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Ongoing Development

Youmanage is updated frequently with new enhancements and upgrades in order to provide our clients with the functionality they need to succeed.

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"Being somewhat of a cynic, I did wonder if the level of support would subside once contracts were signed and we were up and running. However, I'm delighted to say that the support has been fantastic and has exceeded all my expectations. Everyone at Youmanage is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and helpful."

Nathan Galleysmith - Healthcare Computing
Nathan Galleysmith, General Manager

Healthcare Computing

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Youmanage Compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018

The DPA sets out the framework for data protection law in the UK. It updates and replaces the Data Protection Act 1998, and came into effect on 25 May 2018. It was amended on 01 January 2021 by regulations under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, to reflect the UK’s status outside the EU.

Youmanage fully complies with the DPA, recognising it as an important step forward in streamlining data protection requirements across the UK.