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It’s vital that your recruitment processes are as efficient and effective as possible, in order to achieve maximum productivity with the best possible results. To properly evaluate your recruitment processes, […]
A new decade has arrived. So, now is a great time to think about what you would like to achieve in 2020 and beyond, and how HR tech can help […]
Our research tells us that HR professionals who don’t adopt intelligent HR software spend too much time chasing managers and employees to submit information or complete workflow processes such as performance reviews, […]
It’s often hard to find good HR blogs (which also have a good sense of humour). We’ve put together this essential list of our favourite HR and recruitment blogs from […]
Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme coming to an end, many businesses will be faced with making large-scale redundancies as they realise that they are unable to keep many […]
At Youmanage, we’re no strangers to remote working. That’s why one of our developers, Paul Oldfield, has provided some valuable tips to help your workers be happy and productive if […]
Communicating with employees is an incredibly important part of the HR function of every organisation, especially at times of crisis – whether external or internal. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted […]