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Industry-leading. Fully-configurable. The HR platform your business deserves.

We don’t believe in tying you down to features you won’t need. Youmanage gives you the flexibility to choose the functionality you want, without compromises.

Core HR

People are your organisation’s most valuable resource. Unlock the potential of this resource with Core HR by capturing relevant information and making it easily accessible by HR users, managers, and senior executives at the point of need.

Your employee data is secure in Core HR. Our data centre is ISO 27001 accredited which, combined with our industry-leading security features, ensures that your data is in the safest possible place.

The Core HR module can help you record, update, analyse, and report on employee data in an efficient, cost-effective way. As a cloud-based system, it will help you to streamline processes and reduce paper trails, as well as reduce administrative costs and dramatically enhance the accuracy of your organisation’s HR function.


Personal Data

In line with their security profile, people managers, HR users, and employees can easily access information within the HR system. All information is captured as a natural by-product of HR users or managers carrying out their day-to-day activities.

Content Management

Security is managed at the physical level by our ISO 27001-certified data centre, and at the logical level with industry-leading HA firewalling, and virtual machine separation. At the application level, Youmanage features SSL session encryption, user access control, and database level data separation.

Case Management & Workflow

Powerful workflow engine ensures that the correct processes are upheld and followed in each area of people management, facilitating more effective collaboration between different users throughout your organisation.

Tasks & Notifications

Lead users through key management activities ensuring that important tasks are completed in the right way and on-time. Prompts, timely reminders and escalation rules ensure users complete tasks in line with relevant company policies and legislation.

Employee Hierarchies

Each employee has a ‘Reporting To’ manager relationship defined within the HR system. One or more ‘Dotted-line Manager’ relationships can be set up for any employee, which is useful in matrix management situations.

User Permission Sets

Providing extensive flexibility, each user can be given one, some, or all of four access levels: Administrator, HR User, Manager, and Employee. The Permission Sets determine what they are allowed to see and do.

Reporting & Analytics

In the Core HR module within our HR software, you can configure your own reporting dashboards by choosing tiles containing various critical pieces of HR analytics.

Easily create beautiful and in-depth custom reports based on whatever information you need, and choose who has permission to view them.

Automated report scheduling delivers information to the right users at the right time, allowing information to be distributed efficiently and consistently.


Azure Storage

Automatically import documents from an Azure Blob Storage Container to employee records, such as payslips, and notify employees that they can now view and download their payslip.

Calendars (Outlook and Google)

Create group calendars to share events with team members, or link events direct to employee and manager calendars.

Single Sign-on

Ensure a single common sign-in experience for users and centralise user management using authentication with Azure Active Directory.

LearningNest e-Learning

A standard API integration with WorkNest’s e-Learning platform allowing the two systems to intelligently communicate training course data.

hireful ATS

A standard API integration with hireful’s applicant tracking system. The team at hireful are dedicated to helping everyday SMEs achieve recruitment success, streamlining recruitment processes and eliminating hiring headaches. Click here for more information.


Integrate and share data with other 3rd party software applications to streamline processes, improve the user experience and increase adaptability.


Specify when a specific event occurs in Youmanage which will automatically push data to a 3rd party software application.

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Take a permanent holiday from managing absence

✔ Reduce absence levels by ensuring problems are identified and remedied.
✔ Ensure correct processes are followed to comply with HR policies and employment regulations.
✔ Improve customer service and the delivery of key projects by enabling managers to easily plan for holidays and other scheduled absences.
✔ Dashboard reporting and email alerts enable problems to be identified quickly and remedial action to be put in place.
✔ Ensure possible issues with individual employees are identified and dealt with promptly.
✔ Reduces the administration burden of calculating entitlement on a year-by-year basis.
✔ Ensure the correct number of days/hours are calculated when an employee books absence or holiday.

Entitlement Rules

Carry over rules, pro rata rounding and Length of Service awards, with embedded automatic calculations throughout, can be set up within Youmanage. Entitlement can be calculated in either days or hours.

Absence Triggers

Multiple absence triggers based on a variety of formulas (including Bradford Factor) can be easily configured according to your own requirements to highlight trends and alert managers of potential problems.

Absence Planner

Managers and employees can easily plan for holidays and other absences using the highly functional graphical planner. They can view a summary of all absence records for their team and filter this information to what they need.


Employees can request an overtime record be added for them, which a manager/HR user would need to authorise. Or, alternatively, the manager/HR user can record it directly within the system.


Employees can request Time Off In Lieu (TOIL), which a manager/HR user would need to authorise, or the manager/HR user can record directly.


Easily record the number of hours worked by individual employees, allowing for increased accuracy and a more successful way to identify trends.
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The absence planner

With our HR platform you get access to the absence planner, where managers can view a summary of all absence records for their team and filter this information for an individual employee or for their entire team by various date parameters.

Senior managers and HR users can also easily view absence data by company, division, department, location and job level.


Empower your employees

✔ Automate the process of keeping personal employee information up-to-date, reducing administration costs and freeing up HR to focus on activities that add greater value.
✔ Reduce administration costs by enabling employees to update their personal details, raise holiday requests, and submit self certifications directly to the system.
✔ Improve accuracy of information by enabling employees to have easy visibility of the personal information stored on the employee database.
✔ Improve the engagement of employees in performance management and development processes by giving them easy access to their own details and enabling them to add comments to their own record.
✔ Give employees easier access to information on company policies, forms, templates, and procedures.
✔ Saves managers’ time processing holiday requests by allowing groups of employees the ability to self-authorise their own leave.

Personal Data

You can allow employees to see and edit their own information online, including contact details, next of kin, and addresses. Employees can also see their holiday balance at a glance.

Absence Requests

Raise holiday requests and other absence types (TOIL, overtime or a non-office day). And – if you want – certain absence types can be self-approved without the need for a request to be manually authorised.


Distribute important documentation to employees and ask them to confirm if they have read and understood it. Choose which documents you wish an employee to be able to view that's held against their record.


When a manager books an employee review meeting, an email can be automatically sent asking the employee to complete their own self-appraisal online, and they can add their own comments to the review items.

Team Contacts

You can make useful contact information belonging to employees' colleagues and any of their extended team members easily accessible, such as telephone numbers, email addresses and job titles.

Company News

You can post company news which will appear on the Self-Service landing page, which gives employees the latest important updates about your company. The communication of company news is vital to engage employees and ensure that they're always kept informed and up-to-date with what's happening and important at any point in time.


Effective, fair & compliant disciplinary processes

✔ Minimise the risks of losing a tribunal by ensuring correct processes are followed and providing a full audit trail of all meetings, documents, and notes.
✔ Ensure compliance with internal policies and employment regulations by providing step-by-step processes for both HR professionals and managers to follow.
✔ Enable investigations and suspensions to be tracked and findings to be recorded.
✔ Give managers the confidence to handle difficult situations effectively, consistently, and fairly by providing guidance notes and meeting templates specific to the type of issue they are addressing.
✔ Reduce the time managers and HR professionals spend administering grievance and disciplinary processes.
✔ Equip people managers to take the relevant actions and deal with poor performers effectively and promptly.
✔ Save time and ensure compliance with best practice by enabling easy production of standard letters, such as Invite to Disciplinary Meeting and Notification of Decision, all based on client-editable templates.

Managing investigation, disciplinary & grievance

Empowering people managers to manage disciplinary and grievance processes is a crucial part of delivering best practice HR in your organisation. This issue impacts employees at all levels, and it’s important to handle the process professionally, and stay compliant at every stage in the process.

Our unique case management and workflow process systems safeguard your employees, line managers, and organisation from compliance risk, whilst ensuring the whole process is managed efficiently and sensitively from start to finish.


Allows HR users and managers to set up, track, and record details of investigations they wish to carry out into possible disciplinary breaches by their staff.


All letters, witness statements, evidence, meeting guides, and meeting notes are recorded in the system, so the company has a full audit trail of the entire process.


Confidently handle a grievance situation with employees, ensuring you do the right things, in the right order, at the right time, and record the correct information.


Craft a high-performing culture

✔ Produce a more focused and better-aligned workforce by ensuring that employees are working to well-defined, SMART objectives that are aligned with company goals.
✔ Improve the skillbase of your organisation by enabling individual Development Plans to be easily set-up and managed for each employee based on identified development needs and role-based competency requirements.
✔ Improve your organisation’s ability to execute plans by ensuring there’s proper focus on meeting key milestones and target dates.
✔ Reduce the administrative burden associated with setting up and managing Performance Review Rounds.
✔ Help foster a high-performance culture by ensuring performance management is a year-round process rather than a once-a-year event.
✔ Save managers’ time by enabling them to prepare for key meetings quickly and easily.
✔ Improve line manager effectiveness by ensuring that they’re equipped with all the relevant information and guidance for key meetings.

Maximise & recognise employee potential

Effective performance management processes are a key part of creating a high-performing organisation. Yet too often performance management is a once-a-year event rather than a continuous process.

Build a high performing culture, where employees work to clearly defined objectives and your entire organisation is aligned behind a consistent set of goals.

Simplify the administration of review processes and improve the management of employee performance information.


Identify & attract the greatest talent

✔ Ensure consistency of approach across different interviewers and different recruitment processes.
✔ Automate the administration of many aspects of the recruitment process, reducing costs and improving data accuracy.
✔ Enable a searchable database to be built of potential candidates.
✔ Improve the quality of recruitment by helping to ensure successful candidates have the skills, knowledge, competencies, and experience required to be successful in the role.
✔ Minimise the likelihood of challenges or claims from unsuccessful candidates by making it easier to demonstrate objectivity and fairness in decision-making
✔ Make it easier provide feedback to candidates post-interview.
✔ Capture valuable information which can inform development planning for successful candidates.
✔ Reduce interview preparation time for managers and HR users.
✔ Improve access to information for the different parties involved in a recruitment process.
✔ Create a more positive perception among external candidates by ensuring that managers are well-prepared for interviews.

Candidate Database

Build a valuable source of information on potential employees, share information between multiple users, track decisions and offers made, and initiate new starter processes, induction tasks, and employment check processes automatically.

Legislation Guidance

Support managers with comprehensive guidance on interview techniques and relevant diversity and equality legislation. Interview notes and scores of assessment are captured, providing a record of decisions in the event of a challenge by an unsuccessful candidate.

Interview Rounds & Formats

Improve the consistency and effectiveness of interviews with pre-formatted interview templates defined for each job role. These can be based on a job profile or competency framework, and include suggested questions and criteria weightings.

Project Timesheets

Reliable time tracking to suit your needs

The Youmanage Project Timesheets module is a versatile and reliable time recording system that gives you and your staff the ability to stay on top of all work projects.

From increasing productivity and boosting project planning to improving the accuracy of your client billing, a strong employee time tracking system can greatly benefit your business.

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