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Consistently recruit top talent

If the quality of people you recruit is poor, then you are always going to be fighting an uphill battle to build a high-performing business. 

Despite the wealth of evidence around the benefits of a structured, criteria-based approach to interviewing, many managers are still content to rely on gut feeling and instinct when recruiting. This approach is even more risky now with the need to ensure compliance with diversity and equality legislation.

With our recruitment platform, we utilise a range of features to ensure that your recruitment team attracts the best talent available.

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Automation for consistency

Our recruitment crm system ensures consistency of approach across different interviewers and different recruitment processes by automating the administration of many aspects of the recruitment process, reducing costs and improving data accuracy.

Build a recruitment database

Youmanage’s online job recruitment system gives you the ability to easily create a fully-searchable database of all potential candidates.

Boost the quality of your recruitment process

Our recruitment crm improves the quality of recruitment by helping to ensure successful candidates have the skills, knowledge, competencies, and experience required to be successful in the role.

Make fairer hiring decisions

We strive to follow fairness and equality guidelines, as such, our recruitment crm system minimises the likelihood of challenges or claims from unsuccessful candidates by making it easier to demonstrate objectivity and fairness in decision-making.

Make the entire hiring process easier

We aim to offer the best recruitment crm out there, helping you make it easier to provide feedback to candidates after interviews, capture valuable information which can inform development planning for successful candidates and reduce interview preparation time for managers and HR users.

Ensure you have the necessary information

The Youmanage recruitment system improves access to information for the different parties involved in a recruitment process, creating a far more positive perception among external candidates by ensuring that all internal staff are well prepared and informed for interviews

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Adapt to all interview formats

At Youmanage, we offer a uniquely adaptable recruitment crm system to ensure that all styles of interview are catered for, across multiple interview rounds. While every interview is different, we provide helpful interview templates that account for each round, e.g telephone, face-to-face, testing, etc.

Interview templates can be defined for each job role and based on the job profile or competency framework and include suggested questions, criteria weightings, etc. Pre-formatted interview templates in Microsoft Word format can be easily accessed and printed by recruiting managers, saving them preparation time and improving the consistency and effectiveness of interviews.

Supporting managers

Our recruitment system supports managers during the interview process with comprehensive guidance on interviewing techniques and relevant diversity and equality legislation.

Important information and tasks are shared between managerial staff to ensure that every recruitment is collaborative.

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Track interviewee successes

Interview notes, scores, or assessment results can be easily captured in the Youmanage recruitment crm system to provide an auditable record of decisions in the event of a challenge by an unsuccessful candidate. Once decisions have been made, offer or rejection letters or emails can be sent for each candidate, based on client-editable templates.

Any offers can be tracked and closed, with the information captured during the recruitment process automatically transferred to the employee database for successful candidates. This then automatically feeds into the new starter process, with any data on unsuccessful candidates deleted when no longer required, ensuring compliance with data protection laws.