You asked, we listened: E-Recruitment with Youmanage

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Here at Youmanage we consider the development of new functionality to be a critical part of the service we provide to our clients.

That’s why we release new functionality in stages, so that we can gain feedback from clients and find out what they would like most from us. Our service model is therefore very collaborative – we want to work with you, not at you, to create the best features that you need the most.

Our team of in-house developers are very proactive and self-organising, and keen to get valuable and intuitive features out rapidly, which is why it helps us to gain feedback from clients and therefore improve existing features and prioritise which new development projects should be undertaken and when.

With our clients’ input, we’ve been working towards the release of the new E-Recruitment function within Youmanage, which will be an extension to the Recruitment & Interviewing module, to provide an end-to-end solution. The first ‘phase’ of this new functionality will allow you to post job vacancies onto your company’s website, with specific information coming direct from Youmanage. Potential applicants can browse current jobs, apply online, upload their CV and their data is transferred automatically to Youmanage. Users will have the ability to determine your own generic and job-specific screening questions, which will help in the automation of the selection process.

The reasons for developing this functionality are to make the automation of the Recruitment process that much smoother and more streamlined. Now, there will be even less manual entering of applicant’s data into the system, freeing up the time of HR teams to focus on finding the perfect candidates. It also helps to pre-screen applicants to ensure Youmanage users are attracting the best candidates for the role.

The new E-recruitment feature is currently being tested by our product specialists, and a release date will be set in the upcoming months. If you have any questions regarding this new functionality, please get in contact to let us know.

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