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Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme coming to an end, many businesses will be faced with making large-scale redundancies as they realise that they are unable to keep many […]
A disciplinary refers to the action that an employer takes to correct an employee’s behaviour. The employer may be concerned about the employee’s work, their general conduct, or an unauthorised […]
Welcome back for this week’s HR Fun Fridays post, and as it’s Friday the 13th, I wanted to pick a theme that would put fear in the hearts of HR […]
Britain used to be an industrial nation; some of us may remember that. Our HR and Management processes tend to remember that all too well. The problem is encapsulated neatly […]
What is indirect discrimination? Indirect discrimination applies a provision, criteria or practice across the board but it has the effect of putting those who share a particular protected characteristic at […]
Fees for tribunal claims introduced Compromise agreements renamed “settlement agreements” Compensatory award limit for unfair dismissal amended Pre-termination negotiations inadmissible in unfair dismissal claims Revised Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal […]