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Where should authority lie? So, you want to become “Agile”? You have heard of “Self-Organising Teams”. The general advice is to empower these teams… but you have misgivings, the results […]
Have you any idea about how much you don’t know? The four stages of learning any skill, according to Noel Burch (and occasionally attributed to Abraham Maslow) start with Unconscious […]
The original text to accompany the picture suggested that, “it was up to the HR department to contact their employees to say it’s a work at home day.” The point […]
One thing I commonly hear in my line of business is of a Manager asking a team or an individual for an estimate of how long it will take to […]
A hierarchy has advantages; it is simple, straightforward, easy to understand. It has problems; I will deal briefly with two that both illustrate the “single point of failure” problem. When […]
Exploring Employee Supervision and Management Style. In brief, Theory X and Theory Y, formulated by Douglas McGregor at MIT Sloane School of Management in the ‘60s, are about Management’s attitude to […]