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As a valued member of the Youmanage community, we very much appreciate both the trust and the reliance that you place on us to make sure that your use of Youmanage HR software and the services that we provide to you continue to operate normally.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, our thoughts continue to be with all who have been impacted or affected in any way. We hope that you are safe and well and are taking all the necessary precautions as made clear by the ever-changing Government guidelines.

Caring for our Team Members

At the start of the pandemic we immediately moved to working remotely, at home. This only involved relocating some equipment as all accessible systems are cloud-based, including telephony, so this was an easy transition for us all to make.

At every step, our focus has been to keep employees safe and feel able to continue to contribute, effectively. We continue to provide support as we move through the inevitable phases as they unfold and continue to provide communications about the business, the impact of COVID-19 and how our commercial plans may change in the coming weeks and months.

Caring for our Customers

To support our customers, we quickly developed and enhanced several aspects of Youmanage to better cater for home working, furlough, and sickness arrangements, as well as enhance the Performance module and in particular the 1-2-1 capabilities.

Robustness of our Business

Due to our existing Agile practices, we’re already well-placed to react and respond to the impact of COVID-19 and are able to provide rapid responses to cater for any required changes and we firmly believe that our business model is robust and resilient, yet flexible by design.

If you would like further information and guidance on how Youmanage HR can help your organisation to achieve its goals and continue to thrive, please get in touch on 01259 233998 or to [email protected]

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