Why You Should Store Employee Data in a Secure Cloud Platform

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In many organisations, a single piece of information (i.e. an employee name or address) is typed over and over again during an employee’s career.

Employee data is often held in various places, where departments or line managers have separate pieces of information – and HR doesn’t even know about it, let alone see it.

Therefore, many organisations do not have proper and consistent data collection methods or a clear and concise policy to agree where employee data should be stored.

This leads to both confusion and frustration, especially if data is only held within a manager’s head – if they leave, that knowledge leaves with them.

Additionally, people will spend a considerable amount of time trying to track down that same piece of information, and then wonder if it is correct, up to date, and whether it can be trusted and relied upon.

This all adds up to a substantial amount of wasted time, which could be saved if information was automatically uploaded to a central, secure database.

Let’s look at a simple example of an employee’s address – let’s assume her name is Sarah.

Instead of manually creating, for example, an offer letter for Sarah in Word, and you instead put her information into Youmanage, then our system can automatically populate a predefined letter template with Sarah’s information.

No-one would ever have to manually type her details again.

As the information is stored in a reusable form, it can then be available to all users and automatically populate every other HR-related communication that would ever be sent to that employee.

The same is true of all employee data, which can be shared by every relevant HR staff member and re-used as necessary.

By having a central repository for employee data, a great deal of time is saved, and the integrity of employee data is protected.

When you combine this with the powerful automation benefits of Youmanage, then the possibilities are truly exciting. You can send personalised and fully-customisable letters and notifications to any employee.

The reduction in admin and the time you will have back in your day would result in an incredible improvement in productivity.

Not only that, but the compliance, privacy, and security benefits of hosting this information in an encrypted, cloud-based environment would ensure that your company is on the right side of the GDPR.

You could rest easy knowing that your employees’ data is safe and secure, protected by state-of-the-art security technologies.

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