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Transforming HR from a cost centre to a core strategic asset

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HR Database

Provide a far richer, simpler picture of the workforce by capturing comprehensive information relating to employees and stored in an easily-accessible cloud HR software

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Unrivalled Workflow

Guide users through key people management tasks as a series of easy-to-follow steps ensuring the right things are done in the right way, at the right time

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Policy Guidance

Guidance content, training materials and HR documents are readily available to users in the HR software, meaning information is presented to them at their point of need

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“It’s hard to explain the extent of the comprehensive support we received at every step. I’ve never (in 40 years in an HR role) experienced such an easy and speedy implementation. We've calculated that we've saved between 40 and 60 hours a week thanks to Youmanage.”

Paul Stone - Uniserve
Paul Stone FCIPD, Group HR Director

Uniserve Group

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Revolutionise HR and see the results

Drive change with Youmanage - the only HR software that combines all of the tools, workflow processes and legislative guidance that is needed within your organisation.

Equipping line managers to take greater accountability for day-to-day people management issues reduces HR administration and support costs and helps to ensure compliance with relevant employment legislation.

When raising management standards you'll see the competence, motivation and productivity of your workforce skyrocket.

Youmanage HR software on laptop
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Dynamic & sophisticated reporting

You're not the only one - HR professionals everywhere are demanding greater capabilities in HR analytics to better understand employee data.

Within Youmanage you'll have full access to the best and most comprehensive HR analytics tool on the market. Our simple HR software helps you to identify the links between business problems and workforce trends by providing real-time insight into employee data, delivering business-critical analytics data when it's needed most to dramatically speed up commercial discussions and decision making.

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How to personalise Youmanage

Youmanage HR can be any colour you need it to be, allowing for an extra level of personalisation. Your employees will log-in to Youmanage that matches your corporate brand.

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Youmanage phone app

Accessible anywhere, from any device

Whether your employees are in the office, working from home or on the move, Youmanage HR is fully accessible - making it far easier to view and amend personal details, check holiday balances and request absences from any location and on any device

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Insights from Youmanage

We blog about all things HR, management, Agile practices, employee engagement & UK employment law

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Discover more: Youmanage Brochure Youmanage

Discover more: Youmanage Brochure

Our brochure gives you even greater detail into what Youmanage can provide to your business - we are a modular and scalable software system and therefore it's great to find out what each individual module and feature can do for you. …

8 days ago
You asked, we listened: E-Recruitment with Youmanage

You asked, we listened: E-Recruitment with Youmanage

Here at Youmanage we consider the development of new functionality to be a critical part of the service we provide to our clients. That's why we release new functionality in stages, so that we can …

9 days ago
Case Study: Uniserve Group Resources

Case Study: Uniserve Group

We caught up with Paul Stone, Group HR Director at Uniserve, to discover how Youmanage is helping to simplify & streamline their HR processes. …

19 days ago
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What is HR Software?

Human Resources Software is a form of cloud-based technology which combines the storing of employee data with the automation of HR processes, ensuring easier and simple management of a business' staff, and allowing them to remain compliant.

HR software systems are also known as HRIS, human resource management systems, or HRM software.

UK businesses use HR systems to ensure everyday human resources processes are standardised company-wide and combines a number of necessary HR functions including absence management, storing employee data, recruitment processes, and attendance records, aswell as providing you with comprehensive workflow and case management capabilities that ensure your compliance.

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“I very much enjoyed being commended by the Partnership Board and our Chairman for choosing Youmanage over the many other products we'd looked at. It was the only product we found with high levels of functionality and an intuitive and attractive front end for both HR and staff. Thank you!”

Gisele Coupe - EC3 Legal
Gisèle Coupe, Practice Manager

EC3 Legal LLP

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Find out what Youmanage can do for you

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