Stop Wasting Time: 7 HR Processes Automated by Youmanage

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In the age of automation, AI and hybrid working, HR is evolving.

More and more, we are seeing a movement away from tedious excel-based human resources towards automated HR process, and Youmanage is at the forefront of this change. Our HR software has automation at its core, strengthening and streamlining your processes across the business.

Here are seven of the most important ways that Youmanage is automating process across businesses worldwide.

1. Holiday Entitlement

Trying to manually calculate individual employees’ entitlement for the year can be an arduous task, taking up huge chunks of time at the start and end of an entitlement year. As your company grows, this becomes harder and harder to manage, exposing the entire company to human error and discrepancy.

Youmanage automatically calculates an employees’ entitlement based on various entitlement profiles, which you can set up in admin mode. This means that your part-time staff will have the correct number of days to book off as well as your full-time staff, and anyone with slightly different working patterns will reflect this in their entitlement too. HR departments everywhere are saving countless hours of the working week using Youmanage to automate this process for them.

2. Leave requests

Similarly, managing employees’ leave requests can also be time consuming and costly for businesses. Holiday diaries kept in a bottom drawer with employees’ requests scribbled in the margins just isn’t going to work, especially for those of us who are now working hybridly, with a mixture of both remote and in-office staff.

With Youmanage employees can log in and request their own holidays to be approved by a manager (or they can self-approve, if this option is selected within admin). They can also report overtime hours worked, and request TOIL (time off in lieu) all from within the system, simply by logging in from home or on their phone. This makes the whole process much easier both for staff and for HR departments, who can use the absence planner to monitor which staff are off and ensure there is suitable cover.

3. Recruiting

The recruitment process must be two-way: not only does it need to work smoothly for HR, but also for the candidate. Automating this process end-to-end is the best way to ensure a smooth candidate-to-employee transition and provide them with the best experience overall.

The recruitment module within Youmanage allows you to create job vacancies with descriptions and role requirements, add external and internal candidates, store CVs, and ultimately locate the best talent for the position without the added confusion of trying to track all of this information manually.

4. Onboarding & offboarding

One of the most time-consuming jobs for an HR department is the onboarding and offboarding process, filled with seemingly endless paperwork that needs to be signed and returned, P45s generated, documents to be reviewed and more. All of these processes can be automated, however – Youmanage makes adding a new starter easy while also ensuring you’re complying with employment regulations. Company handbooks and policies can all be stored within the system and mandatory tasks ensure that new employees are reading the correct documentation (with a mandatory ‘read and understood’ checkbox).

Then there’s the issue of data retention and deletion – within admin in Youmanage, you can set specific data deletion rules that ensure a leaver’s information is automatically removed from the system after a set period of time. And, to top it all off, this won’t affect your reporting and analytics within the system: you can choose to anonymise an employee’s record, meaning they will still be included within specific reports without their name and personal details appearing in the system.

5. Data Analysis

Trying to collate and analyse employee data is made easier than ever with Youmanage, which has its own fully comprehensive reporting suite. Using this to automate the tedious task of gathering and inputting data into excel reports, for example, saves you countless hours and provides you with an automatic graphical format to view the information – with drill-down capability, so you can dig a little further into the data and find out exactly which employees are included in the reports.

Not sure where to start with data analytics? Read our article on the key metrics you can measure using Youmanage and start driving key business decisions.

6. Notifications & Reminders

Automatic email alerts, notifications and reminders can help to ensure important events like performance reviews, key dates and new starters and leavers aren’t missed by HR. Less time will be spent having to chase employees to complete documentation, meaning more time for HR to focus on building a winning culture. With Youmanage, employees will receive a notification email straight to their work email address, and a dedicated ‘task’ against their employee profile in Youmanage, ensuring they are completing their required tasks on time.

7. Employee Satisfaction & Feedback

Similar to gathering HR data and people analytics, gathering feedback from employees is also a time consuming task without HR software like Youmanage. Trying to create and distribute surveys and then present that information to directors can be difficult when you don’t have a system that is intuitive. That’s why Youmanage has a surveys feature – you can generate and distribute employee surveys to gauge information on a variety of important stats, whether it be their wellbeing, morale, or productivity levels. You can also use this feature to gain insight into improvements that they would like to see across the business, and then use that information to generate actionable interventions that will drive change and positively impact the bottom line.

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