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Absence & Holidays

Managing Holidays, Absence and Leave

Help to manage staff resource efficiently and plan effectively

Absence Management

Our absence management software has extensive functional capability that puts all of our competitors to shame, bar none - fact!

Holidays, absence and other leave can be costly to your organisation if they're not managed well. Youmanage lets line managers easily manage staff resources, and plan holidays and leave using a simple, visual interface.

Absence management is an important part of HR management, and it's essential that correct processes are followed to comply with HR policies and employment regulations. Our case management and workflow processes guide line managers through the whole process step by step, and notify them when any action is required.

Key Features

  • Entitlement Profiles

Can be created for various rules to be set - including carry over rules, pro rata rounding and Length of Service awards, with embedded automatic calculations throughout. Entitlement can be calculated in either days or hours, depending on the preference of the employee/company. For any employee who does not work a contracted number of hours, the system can also calculate entitlement based on accrued hours, captured via the Timesheet option

  • Carry Over Rules

Any carry over set up within the entitlement profile, can have an associated expiry period, to ensure that it is used within a set timeframe eg. by the end of March of the following year

  • Bank Holiday Profiles 

Various profiles can be set up to allow clients with various locations, especially those with an International presence, to assign the correct local bank holiday dates to their employees

  • Pro-Rate Bank Holidays

If required, the system can pro-rate the Bank Holidays an employee is entitled to, based on FTE, Start and/or Leave date, and their entitlement will be adjusted as necessary

  • Bradford Factor/Index

The Bradford Factor allows companies to apply a relative weighting to absences, where it supports the principal that repeat absences have a greater operational impact than long term sick

  • Working Calendars

Any number of working calendars can be set up and used to automatically calculate an employee’s Full Time Equivalent (FTE) hours, which is used in the pro-rating of entitlement. The calendars can consist of simple one week patterns, or multiple patterns, if an employee works a shift pattern, for example. An organisation’s full time hours are set and used to calculate FTE. However, the full time hours can be set against each Job Title, if required, to allow clients who have varying full time hours to have the employee’s entitlements to be calculated correctly. If an employee changes their working pattern during the year, Youmanage will automatically pro-rate the holiday entitlement, based on the various changes to hours

  • Sick Pay Schemes

Multiple Sick Pay Schemes can be configured, based on a fixed calendar year, and are used to monitor when an employee takes a pre-set number of days, which can be used for reducing someone’s pay, or moving the employee onto SSP. Absences of various types (e.g. Sickness, Holidays, Timekeeping, Maternity) can be easily recorded by users

  • TOIL (Time Off In Lieu)

Employees can request to record or request Time Off In Lieu, which a Manager/HR user would need to authorise, or the manager/HR user can record it directly. TOIL records can have an associated expiry date, and will automatically be cancelled if not used within the expiry period. If using the Timesheet option, time worked over and above the standard contracted hours for the employee, can be automatically transferred to a TOIL record

  • Overtime

Employees can request that an Overtime record be recorded for them, which a Manager/HR user would need to authorise. Or, the manager/HR user can record it directly

  • Workflow

Youmanage automatically leads managers through a standard pre-configured workflow process for recording sickness absence, based on the anticipated length of the absence and prompts them to complete the correct actions (e.g. Self-certification vs Doctor’s certification)

  • Absence Triggers

Multiple absence triggers, based on a variety of formula (including Bradford Factor), can be easily configured by clients, according to their own requirements, to highlight trends and alert managers to potential problems

  • Timekeeping

Persistent timekeeping issues (e.g. lateness) can be easily identified and tracked

  • Graphical Absence & Holiday Planner

Managers and Employees can easily plan for holidays and other absences using the highly functional graphical planner. Managers can view a consolidated summary of all absence records for their team and filter this information by employee and by absence type. Senior managers and HR users can easily view summary information on absenteeism levels by manager, department or location

  • Outlook/Google Calendar Integration

Publish diary events from Youmanage into Outlook or Google Calendars

  • Reporting & Analytics

Full reporting and analytics capability is available to all HR Users and Managers, including Standard and Custom Reports and the ability to Schedule Reports

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the administration burden of calculating entitlement on a year by year basis
  • Ensures the correct number of days/hours are calculated when an employee books absence or holiday
  • Reduces absence levels by ensuring absence problems are identified and remedied
  • Ensures correct procedural processes are followed to comply with HR policies and employment regulations
  • Improves customer service and the delivery of key projects by enabling managers to more easily plan for holidays and other scheduled absences
  • Dashboard reporting and email alerting allows problems to be identified quickly and remedial action to be put in place
  • Helps to ensure that possible issues with individual employees (eg stress) are identified and dealt with promptly