Effective Performance Management webinar in partnership with Phase 3

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Youmanage & Phase 3: Effective Performance Management Webinar

We had recently partnered with Phase 3 to bring an Absence Management and Best Practice webinar to showcase our Absence Management capabilities within Youmanage.

To recap on who Phase 3 are, they are People Technology consultants who partner with businesses to assist in selecting, implementing and managing their HR systems. Alongside promoting great HR tech, Phase 3 will spend time familiarizing themselves with their customer’s HR processes and will use their specialist knowledge to provide HR technology recommendations that the client can confidently invest in.

Since our last webinar in partnership with Phase 3 was such a success, we will be partnering again to showcase more of the intelligent Youmanage capabilities – focusing on effective Performance Management.

Youmanage Performance and Development Module

The Youmanage Performance and Development module was built to create a high performing culture within your business by making it easy for HR and people managers to set and monitor clear goals and objectives for each employee, and the overall business.

This module in particular empowers employees, as they can be given access to view their own performance indicators at any time and are able to track their progress in reaching their set targets.

Objectives, Development Needs and Career Goals

The base for any performance management is setting clear goals for employees. Ensuring that the workforce is focused and well-aligned with the overall business goals is important in helping the employee to understand that these objectives do matter. Objectives set for employees within Youmanage can easily be paired with Company Goals set by admin users to give employees a clear view of what they are working towards, and why.

Goals should also be something the employee is capable of doing and shouldn’t be set knowing the employee will fail, therefore all objectives should be SMART:

  • Specific


  • Measurable


  • Achievable


  • Relevant


  • Timely

Setting target dates for objective measures and development activities will give clear milestones to employees and is bound to improve the organisations ability to meet their goals. The employee’s progress on objectives and development needs can be recorded in several ways – this can be through comments from either the manager or the employee, or by using customisable rating measurements.


Being able to identify the skills/competencies required for each job role is key to ensure the right people are in the right position.

Having the ability to align competencies to each individual job role is a core function of the Youmanage application. Once the framework is set up, you can use this as part of the Performance Review or 1-2-1 process, to ensure employees are meeting the levels expected.

Again, setting up your own Ratings/Levels will allow you to properly measure their progress against each competency.

Performance Review Rounds

When you think of performance management, you may often consider why its important to your business. We believe it helps to motivate employees which leads to better employee engagement. It can help to highlight areas of concern, where action can be taken to remedy the situation sooner rather than later, and it may also help to increase the businesses profitability.

Within Youmanage, you can define your review process and choose the elements that you wish to use by setting up Review Templates that meet your own criteria. Automatic notifications and tasks will keep employees and managers in the loop when Review Rounds are created in Youmanage.

Employees can be asked for their input to the review by using the Self Appraisal function making them feel as though they are part of the process and their contribution taken into account.

Going paperless and having this information recorded in the application allows HR, Managers and Employees to view the review content at anytime, rather than having paper copies filed away and forgotten about. It’s a positive for the environment too!

360 Feedback

As well as employees and managers having their say, the 360 Performance Review functionality means you can get a fuller, more rounded picture of an employee’s performance by gathering feedback from the employee’s peers.

To gather useful feedback, admin users can create a unique feedback form which the employee’s peers can respond to through Youmanage. Each question can be specific to the overall company goals and can give a great insight in to the employee’s progress against each one.

The 360 feedback process flows through Youmanage, triggered by notifications and tasks, where the feedback can be given, summarised and incorporated into the review rounds.

1-2-1 Review Meetings

While the Performance Review process guides the manager through each stage, and is generally held once or twice a year, the 1-2-1 process can help managers catch up with the employees at regular intervals to ensure they are on track to meet the goals set.

Once the meeting has taken place, the notes can be recorded and/or a document uploaded, and a next meeting date set, if required. Managers will be prompted to book the next meeting at regular intervals. The benefit of this is that businesses can take a paperless approach, and Youmanage will automate the process slightly, to make sure that managers are engaging with employees on a regular basis. The more engaged employees are, the happier they are.

The Youmanage Performance and Development module clearly has many benefits for both managers and employees, and the wider organisation. To find out more about the ways that Youmanage can help you deliver Effective Performance Management, register for our webinar in partnership with Phase 3 here. We look forward to speaking with you then!