Why It Is Important to Keep Our Browser Versions Up to Date

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The fast-paced nature of the world we live in today means that changes are inevitable. New and innovative ideas are constantly at the forefront of everything we do. Here at Youmanage, we are no different, be that with our own product or with the third-party companies we choose to help us deliver the best user experience for our clients.

We are forever receiving update notifications for the software we subscribe to, our mobiles and the products we use – the list goes on. It can be difficult to know what to progress with and when to do it, however, it is important that we are aware of the updates that will bring the biggest benefits.

One thing that we would suggest to both staff and clients alike is to ensure the version of the browser you have chosen to use is always fully up-to-date. We understand that keeping your browser up-to-date will often be something that will not be a priority, however, even the smallest of enhancements can provide many benefits. Some of these include:

  • An enhanced browsing experience
  • Access to the latest updates of your favourite and most used sites
  • Fixing or removing an identified bug
  • Additional features
  • Updated security for your data and the computer you’re using

In short, an up-to-date browser ensures you get the best experience possible and you never miss out on anything.

Youmanage Knowledge Base

We have recently noticed that the system we use to store our in-app knowledge base is no longer supported on Internet Explorer or any older versions of Microsoft Edge. We got in touch with the provider and asked them for advice. They have confirmed that the supported browsers for their systems are as follows:


  • Microsoft Edge – Latest stable version
  • Mozilla Firefox (all platforms) – Latest stable version
  • Google Chrome (Windows and Mac) – Latest stable version
  • Safari (Mac) – Latest stable version


  • Mobile Safari (iOS) – Latest stable version
  • Chrome (Android and iOS) – Latest stable version

If you have been previously accessing our product Knowledge Base using Internet Explorer, we would recommend you speak to your internal IT team about upgrading to a modern browser, as support for Internet Explorer is being phased out globally.

If you have accessed the Knowledge Base via Microsoft Edge previously, then please work with your IT team – if required – to update to the latest version, to ensure you still have access to everything you will need. Again, going forward, make sure that you install the latest updates.