The Youmanage Knowledge Base is now live!

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With our client numbers rapidly increasing, and in the interest of ensuring all of our clients are using Youmanage to its full capabilities (which are huge!) we have introduced the ‘Knowledge Base’, an intuitive help desk system that will improve our clients’ overall system knowledge and answer any queries they may have.

This makes the already smooth implementation & training process when adopting Youmanage that much smoother & simpler, saving clients time in having to call us up to ask a basic query (although we aren’t complaining about these calls, as we love hearing from our clients and finding out how they are getting on with the system!).

Clients can also use the Knowledge Base to raise support tickets, allowing us to fix any internal errors more efficiently. It’s a great way for them to communicate with us easily & smoothly, while also allowing us to communicate with clients to a greater extent and ensure they are making the most out of the system.

The new Knowledge Base provides clients not just with up-to-date how-to articles on various features within Youmanage, but also the latest news from us – we can therefore keep our clients in the loop concerning updates, enhancements & new features which are constantly being added to the system.

Collaboration and communication with our customers is crucial to the service we strive to provide here at Youmanage. As they are at the forefront of all the design and development, the new Knowledge Base will help both our clients and us to resolve issues and improve our overall service, making the experience of Youmanage all the more worthwhile & fulfilling.

How to access the Knowledge Base: please click on the ‘?’ button in the top right corner of your screen.