The Benefits of People Analytics within Youmanage

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Back in 2014, our Youmanage team decided to retire the tedious processes that had been necessary for manually creating reports for our clients on request. This was achieved by integrating the market-leading Logi Analytics platform to provide real-time, on-demand, intelligent reports, with configurable user dashboards and embedded analytics.

The Youmanage Reporting and Analytics component is part of our Core HR module and was developed to provide ease of report writing to non-IT users. Both HR Professionals and People Managers have access to over one hundred Standard Reports, can create their own unique Custom Reports, share these with other users, and can use Scheduled Reports to send data to nominated recipients, whether they be internal or external to their organisation.

Quicker and Confident Decision Making

The need for organisational agility has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses must be equipped with the right tools to make quick decisions and where some of those decisions could be of high impact. Every work environment will continue to react to a changing position of Government policy and updated guidance being provided until we overcome the virus. So, where problems arise, organisations will have to act quickly to navigate the impact that coronavirus imposes on their commercial objectives.

Examining data, using the Youmanage Reporting and Analytics module in order to determine solutions to problems means that you can act quickly to overcome and resolve issues. When taking the time to understand data, users also find it easier to forecast and predict future problems and set in place plans to minimise the risks of any decisions being made.

Taking it one step further than just collating information, the use of filters, totals and crosstabs can make producing comparative figures effortless.

Increase Productivity

Driving the workforce’s productivity can be achieved through gaining an insight into the strengths and weaknesses for individuals and for overall teams. Being able to break down employee’s objectives and development needs and the time taken to achieve corporate goals means that businesses can track everyone’s individual performance, input and progress and compare it to the agreed completion targets. This may then turn your attention to the question of, “are we using training and development elements properly to ensure employees reach their goals and their potential?”, or, “what impact are our people managers having on Company performance?”. Only when understanding data can any of us be sure of how productive we are.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is essential to any business, especially when it comes to examining and understanding employee turnover and any likely recruitment needs. Knowing and foreseeing the people resource that will be available means that realistic goals can be set.

Looking at previous headcount reports and having a visual of how the business’ employee figures dip up and down is an easy way to forecast how trends might change over certain time periods. You’ll then have a head start on adapting to future changes and will be more likely to realise your resource requirements.

Manager’s use of Reporting and Analytics

Youmanage is one of a few UK based HR platforms that provides line manager access to their team’s data but why is this important?

Managers can easily collate and export the data that is useful to them, rather than asking HR to provide the information. This means they’ll work more efficiently, can spend more time working on management and leadership strategies, and allow HR to move on from the mundane and repetitive actions of supporting managers when it’s far easier for them to self-serve!

Managers can study the trends of how absence affects productivity during different periods of the year by analysing people data vs. output. Having the ability to forecast potential issues and by introducing incentives, line managers can help to boost motivation within their teams to ensure they can avoid any potential slumps in work ethic.

It is clear that there are a multitude of benefits to using Reporting and Analytics tools, and we aim for the intuitive and modern Youmanage tools to help your business excel. Take out a free trial of our online HR system today to see firsthand how we can help!