Lost in UK emp law? 4 ways HR Software helps you navigate

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It’s easy to look at the recent (and upcoming) changes in UK employment law and consider it a bit of a HR apocalypse.

Of course, all the changes being made are great for HR and improving employee satisfaction across the country, but there are hard times ahead trying to stay compliant with all these new and scary rules, especially when so few businesses are completely confident that they understand the changes.

We’re entering a world of uncertainty; a lot of businesses are still unsure what GDPR stands for, let alone what it entails. Research from Collyer Bristow found that 18 percent of businesses said they would be at risk of going insolvent if they were forced to pay the new, higher maximum fines allowable. Gender pay gap reporting is about to be compulsory for all businesses across the UK (May 2018) and with tribunal fees now scrapped, it couldn’t be more important to stay within the law as we move into next year – but how can we stay within the law if we don’t understand it fully?

Moving into 2018, your business goals need to reflect the importance of employment law for your business. If this really is the HR apocalypse, you aren’t going to want to get lost. What zombie movie hero ever survived after getting lost an infected city? Not a single one.

That’s why HR software systems provide you with the following support systems to ensure your compliance and improve employee wellbeing at the same time.

             1. Guidelines and templates

Spreadsheets and paper HR systems aren’t going to guide you through the necessary processes to avoid these tribunals and other legal issues; you need something more robust, a system designed to protect your company from falling into these pitfalls.

These guidelines keep you in line with employment law and save you the time it would take to write these letters out manually, while also allowing you to edit and configure them to fit your company needs. The time you would normally spend on these administrative tasks can be better spent communicating with your employees and sourcing new ways to increase their wellbeing, encouraging loyalty to your company.

              2. HR software guides you through key processes

Investigation & disciplinary processes can often be difficult to undertake; varying situations can create issues in staying compliant with the law. With the right HR software system, you’ll be guided through the full process, as well as being provided with guidelines on how to communicate decisions to employees. Your investigation & disciplinary processes will be totally compliant with employment law, leaving you reassured that those involved are being treated with care, while at the same time protecting you from the costs of tribunals (monetary and reputational!).

             3.  Ensure your compliance in an ever-changing legal environment

The goal of compliance-based software is to ensure you are protected from the law, and to ensure that your employees are getting all the support they need at the same time. The right HR system will go above and beyond just remaining compliant, too – it will provide you with ways to communicate more successfully with employees and understand their needs, which can only have a positive effect on your business and help you get that much closer to your business goals.

            4. All members of staff will be better equipped

The fact is it’s far too easy to get lost in employment law; that’s why so many of us rely on consultants and solicitors to help us along the way and ensure our compliance. In larger companies, communicating employment law updates and ensuring that every member of staff knows the correct way to deal with situations can be a challenge. HR software allows you to communicate with all line managers and employees at once through notifications and emails, and makes sure that all staff members are up-to-date and knowledgable.

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