HR & Data Security – Why it Should Be Your Highest Priority

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Data security should be one of the highest priorities for your company in today’s connected world, but poor organisational policies remain a significant threat to the integrity of businesses everywhere.

Whilst many individuals are aware of the threat of cyberattacks, many businesses remain nonchalant about the issue and fail to take preventative action.

Organisations need to make data security the responsibility of every employee, and take firm action against those who demonstrate non-compliance with security policies.

Malware that has infected an individual worker’s PC can compromise data across the entire company, as soon as they connect to the company network. This gives an attacker a small opening to discover a larger – and more financially lucrative – pool of information.

Yet despite this potential for severe harm, many companies, particularly SMEs, tend to be more lackadaisical when it comes to enforcing strong data security policies and investing in modern, secure, cloud-based technologies.

Research has found that 53% of data security incidents were caused by workers, either through administrative errors or through the loss of a company device. This proves that every employee has a part to play in protecting sensitive data.

Workers should complete simple cybersecurity tasks periodically, such as regularly changing passwords. For an HR system, this can be enforced through password policy features.

At an organisational level, companies need to stay informed and be up-to-date with the latest technological developments and trends, the primary one being the transition to cloud-based platforms. By simply making the switch from on-premise to the cloud, businesses can dramatically increase their data security. Cloud platforms, such as Youmanage, are regularly updated in the background to negate the threat of constantly-evolving malware and other malicious software.

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