How to Rehumanise Your HR Processes

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At Youmanage, we are the automation advocates.

We believe that automating HR processes empowers both HR professionals and line managers to rise above mindless admin, allowing them to focus on influential strategy within their organisations that can result in meaningful change – putting the human element back in to HR.

Combined with the ability to store, record, and manage employee data in a secure cloud platform, new features like workflow processes allow you to track and record HR practices from start to finish.

Yet even today, these powerful technologies are often viewed with a degree of scepticism.

Technology is often viewed as a double-edged sword – it can be immensely powerful and effective, but can also result in unwanted outcomes.

Mark Frary’s article, Is technology dehumanising the workplace?, argues that technology is replacing the human element in HR, resulting in decreased employee engagement. Yet the stats are not in his favour.

Coinciding with the increase in the utilisation and availability of advanced HR tech, employee engagement levels are back to an all-time high.

But how much of this positive trend can be attributed to HR software?

Employee engagement is the number one trend in HR. It is vital to provide your employees with a mixture of good benefits and strong manager/employee relations, as well as a welcoming, progressive and collaborative company culture.

Yet achieving high levels of employee engagement has traditionally been difficult to achieve.

By adopting HR software that automates many of the critical procedures for you, HR and people managers will have time to cultivate relationships and increase their employee engagement. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on your organisation, resulting in revenue and productivity growth.

But if using technology means that HR managers are spending more time staring at a computer screen than interacting with staff, then there’s a problem with the technology you have at your disposal.

Unsuitable technology will not help your company achieve its ambitions.

If you choose HR tech that is fit for purpose, then your company will see positive results: increased revenue, lower staff turnover, and an engaged workforce.

To see for yourself, start your free trial of Youmanage today.