How Mindless Admin Kills HR Strategy

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Our research tells us that HR professionals who don’t adopt intelligent HR software spend too much time chasing managers and employees to submit information or complete workflow processes such as performance reviews, holiday authorisations, flexible working requests, or self-certificates.

Yet this list is by no means exhaustive – the sheer number of administrative tasks that HR professionals need others to complete is overwhelming.

Think about it: do you continually chase colleagues to ensure tasks are completed, or are you held responsible when jobs aren’t done on time?

Do you think about the financial implications of the time spent chasing managers and employees?

Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to spend hours each and every month chasing and following up!

Youmanage – the industry’s most feature-rich and premier HR solution – gives clients the ability to escalate tasks associated with workflow processes. When an associated workflow task hasn’t been actioned by a specific time, Youmanage can take proactive corrective action – ensuring things get done on time, every time.

Yet what if the manager still doesn’t complete the task? Instead of a frosty face-to-face encounter, Youmanage can automatically send another notification asking them to complete it.

But what if that still fails to prod the manager into action? Then you can ask Youmanage to send an automated notification to the senior manager responsible for that team, which would likely result in a solemn, open, and honest meeting (without coffee) to correct that employee or manager’s lack of action.

This incredible capability is built into Youmanage as standard functionality. You can even determine your own parameters to suit your company’s own process rules – Youmanage adapts to you.

Not only does Youmanage give you valuable time back, the cost savings for your company would be significant – it certainly beats hiring a full-time administrator!