COVID-19 Test & Vaccine Data Processing Capability

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If you had an obligation to record and process Coronavirus test data, each week, for 1,650 employees, how and where would you think of doing this?

And what about the Vaccinations, if you had a need to know when employees received these?

Do you care to think of how much of an onerous administrative overhead burden all of this could be?

A Headache Removed

A domiciliary care company that already uses Youmanage as their HR system called to discuss their imminent problem. Through discussion, we agreed that we’d like to help and build the required capability into the Youmanage system framework, allowing every client to switch on the functionality for their own use and be able to configure the settings to best suit their individual organisational requirements.

What Was Delivered

Employees can record their own weekly test results and upload any related documentation via their own self-service portal.

Additionally, because there is an obligation to ensure that each employee has a test undertaken each week, new workflow notifications were created to ensure that the automatically created ‘Next Test Due’ date was understood and would be adhered to and that Positive or Inconclusive Covid test results are sent to the right people internally, or externally.

Managers and HR Users with the relevant permissions will now be able to add, update or delete any of the details, where security permissions were added to, which govern who within the organisation has access to this sensitive data.

New Standard and Custom Reporting capabilities were made available to be able to report upon the new data fields but again only provided to those with the appropriate access rights.


From a discussion about the functional specification and commercial considerations to making the capability available to the client, took 4 working days – a fine piece of Agile working, responding to a client in need, prioritising workload accordingly, and in a way that creates value for other clients, should they need to benefit from it too.


A delighted client, whose Board of Directors and HR Team, are hugely grateful for an HR software vendor who is committed to thinking creatively and making a difference.

Please contact us for more information on 01259 233998 or by emailing [email protected]