Case Study: ILF Scotland Saw “Huge Rise in Proactivity”

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We caught up with Aileen McNiven, Executive Business Manager at Independent Living Fund Scotland (ILF Scotland) to find out how Youmanage HR is helping their team to simplify, streamline & strengthen their HR processes.

Independent Living Fund Scotland is a public body that, until 2 years ago with the discovery of Youmanage, was ‘storing HR and employee-related documents on (their) shared ‘G’ drive for a month or so’.

As the business was growing rapidly, it became apparent that storing data on a shared drive was no longer secure or accessible enough for the business to run effectively, and for managers to have access to the information they needed at the right times.

“Our IT Manager procured Youmanage after looking at several other options and realising that Youmanage ticked all the boxes for us as a public body. We needed something that was affordable but also functional, and Youmanage delivered exactly what we required – a secure unified platform which ensures our compliance and helps us to manage employee performance with ease.”

Since adopting Youmanage, ILF Scotland have found that their staff are very confident using the software and how it records and secures their data.

The HR department are now able to report business-critical metrics to their Board quickly and professionally, being confident that the data is fully accurate. The threat landscape which existed previously has been diminished by the storing of all data in one secure, accessible location.

“I have no hesitancy in recommending Youmanage to other organisations. Our staff have embraced the software willingly and as we roll out further functionality we know we have the strong and knowledgeable Support Team at Youmanage behind us.”

Read the full case study below to find out how ILF Scotland and similar charities are reaping the benefits of Youmanage.