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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) paves the way for further data security measures being put in place within our organisations. Although not a requirement for the GDPR (25th May), […]
Youmanage’s Paul Oldfield is an author for Cutter Consortium, contributing Agile Advice every few months. This month, his published article is titled ‘Communication in Agile Transformation’: “Communication is difficult. It […]
It’s been an exciting year so far for Youmanage. We’ve seen the release of Version 4, the release of a brand-new website, and a year-on-year increase in client numbers in […]
In line with the release of Youmanage Version 4, we are also pleased to release a brand-new company website. The website was designed and developed by our very own Jason […]
Currently within the Youmanage application we have what is known as the ‘help desk’, which incorporates a range of articles describing how to perform certain functions, making our customer’s experience […]
Here on the Youmanage blog we often preach about successful and ongoing communication with employees and how it can benefit your business. This is because we believe that communication is the […]
At Youmanage we consider it all important to cultivate and maintain relationships with all of our clients, who over time we have got to know very well! In the last […]
How many of us have what we call interim probationary reviews, where you would wish to formally review progress on how a new colleague is getting on, how they’re settling […]