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Latest Youmanage HR Software Release Youmanage

Latest Youmanage HR Software Release

Further demonstrating how flexible, responsive and targeted our HR software product development strategy is in being able to quickly respond to both client and prospective client requests. …

4 years ago
New Absence Planner Launched Youmanage

New Absence Planner Launched

A newly launched graphical Absence Planner has been delivered to all Youmanage clients. …

4 years ago
CEO writes bagpipe tune for launch Youmanage

CEO writes bagpipe tune for launch

Our CEO, Nick Pye, writes an upbeat jig to mark the relaunch of Youmanage HR software. …

4 years ago

Demotivational Tools - Reward and Recognition

Hold on, surely you mean “Motivational”? I hear you say. …

4 years ago
Collaboration or Competition? Agile

Collaboration or Competition?

One of the fundamental decisions in designing your HR processes is: Do you want to foster Collaboration or Competition? …

4 years ago
Youmanage v3118 Release Youmanage

Youmanage v3118 Release

Youmanage v3.1.1.8 has been released to both clients and trial users, testament to our belief that we truly do lead the way in continuing HR software development and client satisfaction. …

4 years ago
Development Team Expansion Youmanage

Development Team Expansion

The Youmanage Development Team strengthens after working with Stirling University's Computing Science Department and ScotGrad, previously Talent Scotland. …

4 years ago
Simple, Complicated, Complex or Chaotic? Management

Simple, Complicated, Complex or Chaotic?

In the last article I asked “Does your HR policy match the work your organisation does?” Here I look at one way to analyze and classify the work. …

4 years ago
New Dashboard Interface Youmanage

New Dashboard Interface

Youmanage HR management system made even more useful and intuitive with new user landing pages. …

4 years ago

Global Webinar Presence

Youmanage Team Member is panelist on Global Webinar. …

4 years ago