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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some help with the questions we get asked most often

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide an online demo?

Yes, we are committed to providing a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship with all of our clients. This starts from when you adopt the trial version of Youmanage, and/or when you request an online demo.

So, whether you have a headcount within your organisation of 5 or 500, we provide the same level of service to everyone, at all times. We provide our online demos using GoToMeeting, a Citrix application, which enables us to present the Youmanage service to you over an Internet connection, and at a time that suits you most.

How easy is it to set-up Youmanage?

Dead easy! It is to some extent your decision how you wish you set up your Youmanage instance. The set-up can either be managed yourself with a little help from our Support Team, or in some cases, you might want a little more hands on help and guidance from one of our Consultants within our Client Services Team.

Whether you decide to go DIY with your set-up, or get some extra help from the Youmanage team, we will always place importance on the achievement of your overall business goals through adopting Youmanage.

Do you provide system training?

Yes, our Client Services Team are at hand to provide you with any system training you require, where their time is charged out on an hourly basis and at very reasonable rates. We don't prescribe a level of help with set-up and training as each client is different.

Many clients choose to set up their own instance of Youmanage and with a little help from our Support Desk. Youmanage is intuitive and has 'online help' and Page Overview guidance embedded within it, which guides users through each screen or workflow process, so system training is not always needed.

Will you import our existing data?

Yes, and with a difference, as our specialist import routine will do more than just import your employee data! So, if you're thinking about moving from an existing supplier, we make this very easy for you to do.

Our 'data import template' allows you to specify the set-up parameters associated with your own organisations' requirements. These parameters might be your heirarchical structure, reporting to lines, working patterns, holiday entitlements, historic absence, historic employment changes, salary changes, bank holidays, sickness absence types, length of services rules, job titles, etc.  

So, once your data has been imported, most of the set-up items will already have been done for you, meaning a painless set-up process and an incredibly quick way in which to get started.

What level of support can I expect?

Our support service is provided to you as an important part of your subscription fee, where our colleagues within our Client Services Team are on hand to provide you with any assistance you might need. 

The Youmanage Support Team operates a telephone helpline service between the hours of 8:45am and 5:15pm, Monday to Friday, and email support is provided between 8am and 8pm 7 days per week.

Can Youmanage cater for my overseas offices?

Yes, your colleagues in your overseas office are likely to have very different operational requirements, so Youmanage can be configured to cater for any number of different multiple holiday entitlement profiles, working patterns, sick pay profiles and Bank Holidays.

Youmanage can also differentiate and accommodate mutiple HR Users, where data in one location might only be viewable by your nominated HR User in that location.

And any relevant HR or policy documentation, pertinent to an individual location can be made available to only colleagues that reside in a particular location i.e. different contractual terms and conditions, policies and procedures.

Can you share data with my payroll software?

Yes, whether you have your own payroll software in-house or outsource to an external provider, we create a bespoke payroll export routine, which is made available to only nominated and authorised users of your Youmanage system.

The export file will contain the data you require and in the correct format to easily import into your payroll software. The data you might choose to collate, could be new starters, leavers, changes to existing employee information, absence data etc.

What is my contractual commitment?

The contractual period runs from your nominated Service Commencement Date, which is when your own unique, fully branded instance of Youmanage is made available to you. The contract term renews every 12 months, although you can opt to pay your subscription fees either annually or quarterly.

As Youmanage is modular, you are able to adopt any additional modules at any point throughout your contractual term. You would only pay a pro-rata subscription fee, based on the annual fee from that point, and up until the renenwal date, when the full annual fee would be recognised.

How robust is your data centre environment?

The Youmanage, ISO 27001 accredited, fully managed (24x7) hosted environment is based upon advanced, industry-standard technologies and a highly resilient and scalable Enterprise Cloud platform to ensure the highest levels of service availability, interoperability and security of client data.

Based on the latest VMWare vCloud director suite of Cloud management and delivery services, the Youmanage platform has no single point of failure from the network through to the underlying HP blade servers; all securely hosted entirely within Tier III Datacentres. 

The application delivers further resilience, having multiple front end load balanced web services, which automatically take on the responsibilities of the other in the event of a failure, and back end database engine resiliency through advanced replication and database mirroring services to ensure that you data remains available at all times.

Where will my data be held?

Your data, and back ups of your data, will only reside in our primary Tier III datacentres and production environment in Reading, Berkshire. 

For the avoidance of doubt, your data will not be hosted, transferred or stored outside the European Economic Area. 

Who can access my data and how secure is it?

As your data is held within a separated Microsoft SQL database instance, only you and your nominated colleagues, and those with the appropriate access and role permission rights, will be able to access your data.

Data security is managed at the physical level by our datacentres, and at the logical level with industry standard HA firewalling and virtual machine separation. At the application level, SSL data/session encryption is present and the application itself provides for both user authentication and authorisation.

How will my data be backed up?

Your data would be backup up daily within our primary data centre in Reading, Berkshire, and would also be backed up incrementally to a secondary back-up service out with our production environment.

An additional, fully encrypted, nightly off-site backup process takes place ensuring that your data is always available from within our 'cold standby' disaster recovery environment, and is therefore held within our secondary datacentre in Stirling, Central Scotland.

What provision is there for disaster recovery?

As a standard part of our service provision afforded to all clients, we have a 'cold standby' disaster recovery service. This is implemented by means of pre-configured, dormant virtual machine instances available in a secondary data centre located in Stirling.  

Data from the primary datacentre in Reading, Berkshire is backed up and transmitted off-site overnight.  This allows for a 24 hour recovery point objective (RPO) and 24 hour recovery time objective (RTO).

Do you charge for leavers that we retain?

No, we only ever base our subscription fees on current 'active' headcount and all leaver data continues to be stored and accessible within your database.