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Policy & Guidance

Providing Valuable Content to Colleagues

Updated guidance and educational material delivered to users at the appropriate point in each process


  • HR documentation, provided in an accessible and highly relevant format
  • Configured to reflect your own branding, policies and procedures
  • Standard HR letters, email templates and forms included as standard
  • Guidance notes, ‘how to’ guides, key points to remember, legislative overviews
  • Training materials published out to users
  • Documents and sample forms available throughout
  • Relevant and/or mandatory guidance provided to managers at point of need
  • HR policy and procedural information


  • Guidance content, training materials and example documents are presented to the user within a client-controlled Guidance area on each screen. This means that users do not need to waste time searching for the information they require
  • The content can be controlled for each individual screen within the workflow processes. Information is only presented to users when it is most relevant
  • Guidance content can be managed centrally by Youmanage or by the individual client ensuring HR procedures are followed
  • The content presented to users can vary according to the specific situation they are dealing with, for example different guidance content can be presented to a manager handling a Disciplinary Hearing based on Absence issues, to one based on a Performance issue
  • Extensive Document-building functionality enables users to easily create HR documents (e.g. Offer Letters, Meeting Invitations, Review Forms) based on standard templates pre-populated with situation-specific information (e.g. names, addresses, objectives, decisions)