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Effective Management Of Employee Information

Data managed in real time by a range of users, not just the HR department

Employee Database

Effective management of employee information is vital to the efficient running of any business. Yet many businesses use conventional HR systems that don't necessarily capture vital information, deliver HR best practice workflow process, or any much needed relevant guidance and documentation to users at the point of need.

Youmanage also ensures that the management of employee related activity is always dealt with in a consistent and compliant way, where data is recorded against employee records as a natural by-product of managers carrying out their day-to-day activities. The powerful employee database functionality provides companies with a single repository for all content relating to their employee management processes and policies.

Key Features

  • Employee database

Store comprehensive information relating to employees

  • Guidance content

Publish documents, presentations, spreadsheets, diagrams, flash movies and audio/video clips

  • Corporate branding

System design allows you to upload your own logo and match your corporate colour theme

  • Pre-configured HR best practice workflows

Ensure that HR policies are implemented consistently and effectively across the organisation

  • Configurable escalation notifications

Decide how you want Youmanage to chase up employees on tasks not yet completed

  • Documentation 

Publish any documentation and deliver to users as part of a workflow process

  • Document audit

Notify employees of new policy or procedure documents, or of changes to existing documents, request that they have read and understood and know who has read them and when

  • Audit trail

Maintain a history of all key employee management events

  • Timesheets

Submission and authorisation process management capability

  • Training records

Ensure that mandatory and ad-hoc training course attendance is proactively managed

  • Competency framework

Ensures that your organisation is recruiting and developing people with the skills necessary to be successful

  • Expenses (coming soon)

Submission and authorisation process management capability

  • File notes

Managers can add File Notes to an employee record and categorise it according to client-defined classifications

  • Flexible working requests

Case Management functionality in line with ACAS guidelines, HR best practice and UK legislation

  • Custom Fields

Define custom fields in a variety of formats, such as text, date, number, drop down list

  • Self-Configuration

Tools to tailor the processes and content to reflect your own policies and procedural rules

  • Payroll data exchange

Exchange data with any 3rd party payroll software or outsourced service

  • Bulk data uploads

Upload large data changes eg. salary increases, bonus/commission information

  • Reporting and Analytics

Extensive and schedulable reports are available to HR Users and Managers

  • Organisational charts

Configurable org charts that can display photos, contact info and hierarchical data

  • Integration with other systems

Support for a variety of integration methods

  • Outlook/Google Calendar Integration

Publish diary events from Youmanage into Outlook or Google Calendars

Key Benefits

  • Enables comprehensive information relating to employees to be stored in one, easily-accessible system and reduces the time spent information gathering
  • Ensures information is more usable and more up-to-date because information can be updated in real time by a range of users, not just the HR department
  • Provides a far richer picture of the workforce than a conventional HR database by capturing vital information related to productivity and performance (i.e. achievements against objectives, development needs and absence records) as a by-product of supporting managers in their day-to-day activities
  • Creates a better aligned organisation by supporting matrix management or virtual team-working through the facility for multiple users to contribute file notes to an employee’s record
  • Saves HR time by enabling reporting information to be easily produced and analysed
  • Enables senior managers to identify problem areas more easily and take better-informed decisions