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Benefits For Different Users

All of Your Colleagues Must Benefit

A HR platform must provide useful insights and functional benefits to all users

For Organisations

  • Improves the competence, motivation and productivity of the workforce by improving the effectiveness of people management
  • Reduces administration costs by automating paper-based and offline processes
  • Improves the management of, and access to, valuable data concerning employees and HR management processes
  • Minimises the risk of falling foul of HR-related compliance obligations – e.g. employment legislation, industry specific regulations – by ensuring key tasks are tracked and recorded
  • Reduces HR support costs by enabling managers and employees to be more self-sufficient 
  • Reduces IT purchase and support costs

For Human Resources

  • Improves decision-making – gives you easy access to key HR-related metrics and information
  • Frees up time – makes reporting easier and reduces the number of support requests and queries from line managers 
  • Removes frustrations - ensures that HR policies are implemented consistently and effectively across the organisation
  • Simplifies the challenges – provides the tools you need to implement new initiatives successfully (e.g. Performance Management, Competency Frameworks)
  • Improves your responsiveness - reduces the workload involved in providing reports to senior managers
  • Reduces risk – minimises the chances of getting dragged into (and losing) an Employment Tribunal 
  • Enhances your standing - enables you to provide your managers with the HR support they need quickly, easily and cost-effectively
  • Helps you make a difference - supports your efforts to build a high performance culture in your organisation

For Line Managers

  • Saves time – no need to spend time searching for employee information or guidance on policies, processes or legal requirements
  • Reduces risks - follow structured, step-by-step processes to ensure you don't fall foul of employment law 
  • Improves your effectiveness – all the tools and information you need to make the right decisions available with a few mouse clicks
  • Gives you greater confidence - quick and easy access to best practice guidelines, policy advice and training materials 
  • Reduces hassle - prepare for key meetings (e.g. interviews, disciplinary hearings) quickly, easily and professionally
  • Boosts your team’s performance – build development plans, track objectives and address poor performance issues
  • Puts you in control – automated tracking and reporting on key performance measures

For Senior Managers

  • Enables your success - improve shareholder value by increasing workforce productivity 
  • Puts you in control – get far greater insight into the performance of your most important assets - your people
  • Protects the brand – minimise the risk of damage to your organisation's reputation from employee disputes or grievances
  • Delivers results – helps to reduce the gap between organisational strategy and execution
  • Empowers your teams – give your managers the tools and the information they need to drive the organisation forward
  • Improves public perceptions - improves your status as a 'good employer' and enhances Investors in People or Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Minimises cost – subscription-based service, no high IT set-up of maintenance costs
  • Builds a valuable asset – enables you to raise the value of your organisation’s human capital

For Employees

  • Improves the quality and consistency of management 
  • Helps to ensure that your performance and personal development is being properly tracked and actively managed throughout your career with the organisation
  • Provides easy access to check and update your personal details (depending on permissions) to ensure accuracy 
  • Easily check your absence and holiday records, raise holiday requests online and get automated notification of whether holiday requests have been approved or rejected
  • Ensures that any disciplinary or grievance issues relating to you are dealt with promptly, fairly and in line with statutory codes of conduct
  • Enables you to check your personal objectives and personal development plan online and add your own file notes to your record at any time