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Our HR Software "Scrappage Scheme"

Is the engine beneath the bonnet of your HR software lacking power? We can help you...

A little like your old diesel car, your old HR system may be slow, inefficient and expensive to run and maintain. It may also be clogged up with dirty data. If your current system is driving you around the bend, why not replace it with’s fast, easy to use, looks great, increases efficiency, and is highly cost effective. And with our Scrappage Scheme, the FREE implementation is our way of encouraging you to accelerate your adoption of Youmanage, with clean and up to date employee data, quickly and easily. 

Youmanage understands that car puns can be exhausting but we also know what great HR management software can do for your business. Not only can we help your organisation to save time and administration costs, we can help you to create a culture of excellence, whilst improving HR business process delivery, with empowered people managers and engaged employees.

As your business grows, you need an HR solution that will evolve with you and your team. Youmanage allows you to easily create a corporate interface design and provide the functional capability that meets the needs of your business. With a wide selection of configurable modules and customisable standard workflows from within the one intuitive online interface, put yourself in the driving seat and start your Youmanage trial today, or request a demo.

30 Day Free Trial

Welcome to the Youmanage HR Software Scrappage Scheme

Does your current HR Software:

    • Enable you and your line managers to have secure, web-based access to information about their teams, your HR policies and useful HR documentation?
    • Have electable modules, dependant on your actual requirements, rather than include functional capability you don’t use?
    • Have in-built workflow process automation, intelligently leading users through key HR related activities, ensuring a consistent and compliant approach to people management?
    • Include 200+ configurable emails, triggered when events occur or activities are due to be undertaken, with additional reminders and escalation prompts when things haven’t been done?
    • Include up-to-date guidance on employment legislation and management best practice?
    • Automatically e-mail you about key dates, such as the end of a probationary period or a work permit expiry?
    • Enable employees to request holidays or update their own personal details online?
    • Provide easy to use reporting and analytics capability?
    • Have data integration with your payroll system?
    • Include a competency framework to underpin recruitment and/or performance processes?
    • Include regular updates to the framework, all documentation and content, to remain compliant with UK legislation?

If not, then perhaps you should take advantage of Youmanage's unique scrappage scheme for out-of-date or failing HR Systems.

Sign up for Youmanage before 31st July and we'll provide you with FREE data migration programme, including configuration services and end user training sessions.

Youmanage's online HR platform offers many advantages over traditional HR systems. Youmanage ensures that all of your line managers and HR users have access to the tools, information, workflow processes and guidance content that they need - wherever and whenever they need it.

Take advantage of Youmanage's Scrappage Scheme offer to liberate your HR department, empower your managers, reduce your administration costs and fully engage with your employees.

CONTACT US TODAY for more information or to arrange a free, personalised demonstration and to discuss your migration to Youmanage. Please call 01786 458037 or email us at 

30 Day Free Trial

What Our Clients Think Of Youmanage

  • Youmanage has proved to be a valuable tool in streamlining our HR processes, enabling us to centralise our HR documentation and improve communications and record-keeping. The reporting is excellent and easily customisable. The functionality is vast, yet the system is easy to navigate. Training was provided for different access levels ensuring a smooth roll-out across the business. The level of customer service has exceeded our expectations - the support team are always at hand with a quick and detailed response to any queries and we cannot recommend Youmanage enough.
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    Elaine Humphreys, HR Director
  • We chose to adopt Youmanage over other systems because of its look and feel, its functional effectiveness, and above all the excellent help we had from the Youmanage team when we were coming to a decision. Functionality is perfect, intuitive and built to suit all of our organisational needs, unlike many more expensive products. Our HR Team love every aspect of the system – it’s easy to administer and extremely flexible. Above all, customer service is far beyond our expectations. Lastly, well done to Youmanage for running such an efficient outfit – keep up the good work!
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    Paul Stone, Group HR Director
    Uniserve Group