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Meant for a select few, the email contained details of Feltz’s annual review, allegedly reading “When we launched Vanessa’s breakfast programme, we were aware we would have to find the right balance […]
Genuinely empowering managers to take greater accountability for their people requires a broad-ranging approach which addresses the organisational culture as well as the skills and tools being made available to […]
Whoever thought that setting managers up to fail was ever a good idea? Too often, operational accountabilities are devolved to line managers without them being properly equipped to handle the […]
Any business process is only as strong as the weakest link and as we’ve already discussed in a previous article entitled The Strategic HR Role of Line Managers, most HR processes […]
There is a considerable body of research which has highlighted the importance of front-line managers in driving the performance of an organisation. But how much effort and emphasis is being […]
Research recently carried out found that ‘front line managers played a pivotal role in terms of implementing and enacting HR policies and practices. Where employees feel positive about their relationship […]
Maintain auditable records that can be easily accessed when required and by everyone who needs it. We all know that the amount of legislation and regulations that organisations need to […]
Having multiple systems to support different HR processes, or a mix of systems and paper-based processes, is one way to really push up the cost of HR administration and will […]
Organisations can reduce classroom-based management training costs by publishing training content to managers on-the-job, delivering it to them as and when they require it. Classroom-based management training can be great […]
We understand that people managers need ready access to up-to-date information to be naturally effective and to deliver HR and management processes compliantly and consistently. There are a number of […]