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Youmanage V3.1 is live!

Youmanage Manager Landing Page

Youmanage V3.1 is live!

New and exciting version of Youmanage delivered to users

Following plentiful and valuable feedback from many clients, we have redesigned the Youmanage user interface, with a focus on making the service easier to use and more intuitive to navigate throughout, whilst creating a fresh, new look.

It's been great fun working with clients on the new design and it's been hugely rewarding. Our very talented Development Team can relax for a bit now, knowing that all clients and new clients alike, are going to love it!

New Intuitive Design Must Be Seen To Be Believed
To accommodate our overall aims, we've adopted a more popular drop-down menu style approach, where all functional capability and management processes are accessible from various options within each drop-down menu, visible across the top of each page.

Company Branding Made Easy
Whilst knowing that our own standard colour theme of luminous lime green(!) may not be a favoured choice for many, each client can now brand their own instance of Youmanage, by applying their principal or dominant organisation colour and coroporate logo. 

Brilliantly Put Together Valuable 'Self-Help' Content
To compliment the all new Page Overview guidance that appears throughout data input screens and when undertaking any particluar process, an all new Help File component has now been added into Youmanage. Complete with new and revised content and with informative screenshots, the Help File is specifically designed to help all users to ‘self-serve’ for help and information regarding their day to day operation and usage of Youmanage. We have also been adding in useful Knowledge Base articles and will continue to add these, and release notes, when they’re made available so that these also become readily accessible to everyone.

Feedback Always Welcomed and Never Ignored
We love comments from existing clients and trial users, whether good or bad, as much of our product development planning is based upon and centred around client demand :-) 


Written by Gillian McGuire at 19:50

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