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A Current Development Project: Youmanage Support Desk


A Current Development Project: Youmanage Support Desk

Your instance of Youmanage is about to become much easier to navigate around.

Currently within the Youmanage application we have what is known as the ‘help desk’, which incorporates a range of articles describing how to perform certain functions, making our customer’s experience of Youmanage that much easier especially when they first adopt the system.

With the release of Youmanage Version 4 looming on the horizon, we decided to redesign this ‘help desk’ to include more information, and make it more easily searchable so that Youmanage users will be able to type in keywords or questions and receive articles containing the answers they need.

The new ‘help desk’ is called the Support Desk and provides you not just with up-to-date how-to articles on various features within Youmanage, but also the latest news from us. It’s a great way for our clients to communicate with us easily, without ever having to pick up the phone – it’ll save you time and hassle when you first adopt Youmanage and make your experience of the system smoother than ever before.

The Support Desk will also allow you to raise a support ticket in case you come across any technical issues within the system that require attention from our Support team. The ticket will come straight to the Youmanage Support Team and we can work on fixing the issue right away.

Collaboration and communication with clients is crucial to the service we strive to provide here at Youmanage, and with Version 4, our customers are at the forefront of all the design and development. The new Support Desk will help both us and our customers to solve issues and improve our overall service, making your experience of Youmanage all the more worthwhile & fulfilling.

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Written by Katie Harrower at 09:28

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