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Auditing Documents Now Live


Auditing Documents Now Live

Our most recent software release includes a really useful feature regarding the notification, subsequent reading and permanent auditing of documentation, such as Company policies and procedures.

"The worry has always been whether employees would bother to read staff handbooks or company policies. This document audit feature is a great addition to Youmanage."  Jim Caldwell, Director, William Channon

Whether you upload a new document, or amend an existing document via the Version Control capability, you have the option of whether to notify employees that a document is available to view, advising them that it should be read and digested. 

Therefore, you will know who has, and perhaps more importantly who has not, read anything of interest or importance!

A task will also appear on an employee's personal To-Do List within Youmanage asking them to read the document and the task will remain until they click through and choose to view it.

When a document had been viewed, Youmanage will create an audit trail, so that you can see which documents are being read and when, and those that are not being viewed and by whom.

Once read, an employee's own record will be date stamped against that particular document as a permament record of them having seen it. 

Simple but great!

Written by Nick Pye at 13:30

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