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CEO Writes Bagpipe Tune For Relaunch!

Youmanage Jig

CEO Writes Bagpipe Tune For Relaunch!

Our CEO, Nick Pye, writes an upbeat jig to mark the relaunch of Youmanage HR software.

After threatening to write a tune to coincide with the relaunch of Youmanage, and the release of version 3.1 to existing clients, Nick composed 'Youmanage', a jig, to create something tangible and memorable to mark the occasion.

Nick said, "depsite playing since eight years old, I have never put pen to paper and written a pipe tune. After spending over two years on the redevelopment and redesign of Youmanage, we all deserve a bit of fun.

This was something that I could do to pay tribute to, and to thank all team members for their valued contributions, hard work, genius, and determination.

We'll now also have a vaild excuse to consume a few beers; I might even play this tune before having one too many!"

Taking pride of place on the office wall, the manuscript is now a piece of Youmanage history and Nick has vowed to write more tunes in future, so watch out for his published work! 

Written by Gillian McGuire at 17:00

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