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Communication of Paid Holiday Rights Cultivates Employee Trust

Communication of Paid Holiday Rights Cultivates Employee Trust

Communication of Paid Holiday Rights Cultivates Employee Trust

If you're on a zero hour contract and came across this article, you're doing better than 40% of casual workers who are unaware of their right to paid holidays.

These statistics, released by ONS last year, revealed the ‘shocking misunderstanding of zero-hour contract working rights’ in the UK. 

As well as this, a study by Citizens Advice revealed that some employers were purposefully misleading their employees about holiday entitlement, while other managers were unaware themselves.

This misunderstanding is bred on two levels – on the one hand, from the employee who is unaware and blindly trusts their employer. And on the other hand, the employer themselves who may be ‘under the impression that people on zero hour contracts are not entitled to paid holidays’, which is ‘completely wrong’, as employment lawyer Noele McClelland rightfully notes.

What is the effect of this lack of understanding between an employee and their boss? The bottom line is a loss of trust, which can affect employee performance and may even cause them to leave the company. Employees are often accepting at face-value what their employers are telling them – and who are we to say they are wrong for doing so? Someone in a position of power and authority should be expected to know the basics about these issues.

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Being a trustworthy manager requires you to know your stuff. As a manager, the responsibility does lie with you to make sure your employees are aware of their rights and are rewarded for their continuing hard work.

A recent CIPD study reveals that only 24% of employees feel that their employer is keeping them in touch with what is going on, and only 22% feeling that their employer is acting as a role model in the organisation. What does this suggest about employee trust in the UK? It suggests it is extremely poor at best, and things which may seem of lesser importance such as researching your employee’s rights could be what tips them over the edge.

The relationship between an employee and their manager can’t be a one-way street, and managers need to educate themselves on the basics before taking on workers who are often left to blame, for not doing their own research on the issue.

To find out more about your paid holiday rights if you're on a zero hour contract, check out this article.

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Written by Katie Harrower at 09:00

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