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Reduce Management Training Costs


Reduce Management Training Costs

Organisations can reduce classroom-based management training costs by publishing training content to managers on-the-job, delivering it to them as and when they require it.

Classroom-based management training can be great for skills development but when it comes to transferring process and policy information, its effectiveness can be limited.

This is because knowledge degrades quickly if not used and many HR processes (e.g. handling a disciplinary situation) are encountered infrequently by managers.

The impact of management training can be significantly increased, and the need for refresher training reduced, by delivering training content (e.g. key learning points, hints and tips) to managers when they are actually in the middle of a live situation.

Using systems to provide continuous on-the-job access to management guidance, training content and other materials can be highly effective as part of an integrated approach to management development.

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