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Managers May Not Know Or Understand HR Processes


Managers May Not Know Or Understand HR Processes

Problem: Managers don’t understand or know what processes to follow

Solution: Introduce workflow software capability to walk managers through common processes

For many people management processes, whether it’s managing an induction, a performance appraisal, handling a disciplinary situation, or addressing a persistent absenteeism issue, the processes that a manager needs to follow are fairly predictable and should always be delivered in a consistent fashion amongst your line management team and therefore across your organisation.

Yet individual managers are commonly left to their own devices, or are asked to re-invent the wheel each time they encounter a situation which is new to them.

Or, to ensure consistency and compliance, HR will often step in to deal with what are essentially line management responsibilities.

Why devolve line management tasks to more senior management or back to an HR professional, whether internal or external?

Why not introduce HR workflow process design software that walks managers through many common HR and Management processes in a structured way?

So for example, a manager faced with a disciplinary situation will be provided with a structured process to follow, designed to be in line with HR best practice, ensuring that they do the right things, at the right time, and capture the right information at each step in that process.

This enables organisations to improve consistency and save management time.

View and download the full whitepaper, How To Improve Line Manager Effectiveness.

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