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Maintaining Auditable HR Records


Maintaining Auditable HR Records

Maintain auditable records that can be easily accessed when required and by everyone who needs it.

We all know that the amount of legislation and regulations that organisations need to comply with has increased dramatically over the last 10-15 years.

One of the implications of this is that it’s vital that organisations keep a track of key HR tasks (e.g. new employment checks), keep auditable records of those tasks and related documentation, and can produce those records if requested.

Line managers play a critical role in many of these processes, whether it’s checking drivers’ Certificates of Professional Competency in a transport company, carrying out employee supervisions for healthcare companies, or checking right-to-work entitlements for any new employee.

Organisations need to ensure not only that their managers are doing the right things, but that they can show proof that they’ve done the right things at the right time, if required.

Without proper systems in place to manage all of these checks and documentation, it can create a significant administrative burden. And, if companies have to undergo an audit or inspection, whether by a licensing authority, the Home Office or the police, this can turn into a very costly and time-consuming exercise, if they do not have their records in good shape.

Putting in a system to track key tasks and store documentation could be a classic example of a ‘stitch in time’ for many companies and a big tick in the box for quality systems and HR best practice.

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