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Duplicate Efforts of HR and Managers?


Duplicate Efforts of HR and Managers?

Empowering line managers to take more accountability for people management activities can also deliver significant cost benefits.

In many organisations, there is considerable duplication of effort between HR and line managers; because HR do a lot of ‘handholding’ it means that in many cases there are two expensive resources working on a single task.

The fact that in many organisations access to employee and HR-related information is restricted to the HR team also creates inefficiencies.

Not only does it mean that managers don’t have easy access to the information they need to make effective decisions, it also creates a whole load of unnecessary work as managers are forced to rely on HR to provide the information that they need.

With the functionality offered by some of today’s web-based HR software technologies, there is little justification any longer for HR being the sole gatekeepers to useful information. It may give HR teams the illusion of power and control, which still exists for some today, but in reality it creates unnecessary cost and prevents the HR team from getting on with things that would have a real impact on the business.

Equipping line managers with the tools to be self-sufficient delivers significant cost reductions as well as performance benefits. Enabling access to knowledge based articles and being able to initiate and complete compliant HR workflow processes is proven to reduce the admin and support burden on the HR team. That means that both HR and your people managers can be freed up to spend more time on activities that create greater value for your organisation. Or alternatively the headcount within the team can be reduced, or the HR requirements outsourced, and in a few cases removed altogether!

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