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HR Fun Facts: True or False?

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HR Fun Facts: True or False?

Hello and welcome back for this week’s HR Fun Fridays post!

We do hope this will brighten up your morning, and allow you that little bit of Friday-morning procrastination we all crave, before we get down to business… Or not.

This week I’ve been researching a wee bit of HR trivia, fun facts and statistics (working hard as you can tell). The list below is a mixture of some true and some false HR-related facts – can you work out which ones are true and which I’ve made up? You might be surprised by some of the answers…

(For the record: three are false, four are true)

1.  Women’s desks are 20 percent dirtier than men's.
2.  Lesbians tend to earn 9 percent more than heterosexual women.
3.  18 percent of jobseekers search for jobs while on the toilet.
4.  26 percent of interviewees were eliminated due to weak handshakes.
5.  Interviewees wearing green are more likely to get hired.
6.  The average employee spends 20 minutes a day looking for lost files.
7.  2.16pm is the time of day that employees lose focus the most.

We’ll be posting the answers to the questions later on today on our Twitter page, so check it out to find out which of the above facts were actually true! Unless you’ve already worked it out, in which case stop being a show off.

(The answers are as follows!)

1. FALSE, men's are 20 percent dirtier than women's.
5. FALSE, blue is actually the most successful colour.
6. FALSE, employees actually spend 50 minutes on average per day looking for lost files.
7. TRUE 

Join us next week on the Youmanage blog for more fabby HR fun and a bit of harmless procrastination. If you’d like to find out more about how Youmanage can benefit your business, find out more at our product page.

Written by Katie Harrower at 11:00

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