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What prevents line managers from being effective? Management

What prevents line managers from being effective?

Research shows that good people management has a positive impact on profitability but does it mean it's a top priority for line managers who are overloaded with time-critical operational tasks? …

1 year ago
Accountability And Empowerment Management

Accountability And Empowerment

Although there's a greater recognition now of the importance of managers, this doesn't mean that where organisations have devolved greater accountability to the line it has always been successful. …

1 year ago
Ineffective Managers Create Risk Management

Ineffective Managers Create Risk

There is a very good reason why organisations should be making sure that their people managers are properly equipped to do their jobs effectively: a failure to do so creates significant risk. …

1 year ago
Duplicate Efforts of HR and Managers? Management

Duplicate Efforts of HR and Managers?

How well do your managers perform and how are they being assessed, and against what criteria? …

1 year ago
The Role of Front-Line Managers Management

The Role of Front-Line Managers

Do you have an effective management structure that is able and willing to deliver a culture where their responsible daily management activities are dealt with correctly, consistently and compliantly? …

1 year ago
Maintaining Auditable HR Records Management

Maintaining Auditable HR Records

Maintain auditable records that can be easily accessed when required and by everyone who needs it. …

4 years ago
One System to Support All HR Processes Management

One System to Support All HR Processes

Having multiple systems to support different HR processes, or a mix of systems and paper-based processes, is one way to really push up the cost of HR administration and will frustrate people managers. …

4 years ago
Reduce Management Training Costs Management

Reduce Management Training Costs

Organisations can reduce classroom-based management training costs by publishing training content to managers on-the-job, delivering it to them as and when they require it. …

4 years ago
Managers Need Helpful Guidance Management

Managers Need Helpful Guidance

Give managers on-the-job access to helpful guidance information and everything they might need to be effective in carrying out their day to day management and HR responsibilities. …

4 years ago
As A Result of People Doing Their Job Management

As A Result of People Doing Their Job

Capturing all employee information, and in a re-usable format, should be as an automatic by-product of people doing their jobs. …

4 years ago