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Youmanage on Cutter Youmanage

Youmanage on Cutter

Youmanage’s Paul Oldfield is an author for Cutter Consortium, contributing Agile Advice every few months. …

5 months ago
Does your HR policy suit you? Compliance

Does your HR policy suit you?

Britain used to be an industrial nation; some of us may remember that. …

1 year ago

Conscious Unconscious Incompetence

Have you any idea about how much you don’t know? …

1 year ago

Micro Managed or Empowered Employees?

I read a series of comments on LinkedIn today, posted against a picture of gridlock on the M4 motorway. …

1 year ago

Accountability? Humbug!

Out with the old, in with the new, but where does Accountability fit? …

4 years ago
Death by Hierarchy Agile

Death by Hierarchy

Hierarchy: An Organisational structure built up entirely from single points of failure. …

4 years ago
Theory X, Theory Y and Prophecies Agile

Theory X, Theory Y and Prophecies

"You get what you expect"…and if I were being less charitable I’d say “You get what you deserve”. …

4 years ago
How to Lose Your Strategic Thinkers Management

How to Lose Your Strategic Thinkers

In the chase for annual results, you may be killing your future! …

4 years ago

Demotivational Tools - Reward and Recognition

Hold on, surely you mean “Motivational”? I hear you say. …

4 years ago
Collaboration or Competition? Agile

Collaboration or Competition?

One of the fundamental decisions in designing your HR processes is: Do you want to foster Collaboration or Competition? …

5 years ago