Workflow Process Escalation Prompts

Nick Pye |


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What percentage of time does a Company’s HR resource spend chasing managers and/or employees to submit or confirm data, or complete workflow processes, such as a performance review online, holiday authorisation, flexible working request or a self-certificate etc, etc? The list is almost endless.

Some Managers are great in accepting their responsibilities for day to day HR tasks and do what is expected of them but some aren’t, and every company has their known worst offenders.

Do you continually chase to ensure that things are done and completed, or are you sitting as custodian over failed or stalled internal processes and procedures?

Do you stop to think and calculate the cost of the time spent chasing managers and employees?

What could HR be doing, if they didn’t have to spend hours each and every month chasing and following up?

Although a pretty dull job, it's maybe considered fine, if you have an Administrator whose role it is to be a slave to updating records! But oh my, what a waste of valuable resource and an avoidable expense.

We’ve just released an upgrade to the Youmanage HR software platform, giving every client the ability to ‘escalate’ Tasks associated with a particular workflow process. When an associated task within a workflow hasn’t been actioned within a certain timeframe, Youmanage can take proactive corrective action.

What if the manager still doesn’t complete the task? Automatically prompt again! The escalation notification could initially be sent as a gentle reminder to the Task owner.

But what if that fails to produce the result that’s required? Escalate again! Ask Youmanage to send an automated system notification email to the Senior Manager responsible for that team, which would likely result in a solemn, open, honest meeting to be held (without coffee) to correct that employee or Managers choice of behaviour!!

The capability is built into Youmanage as standard functionality and all clients simply need to do is to determine and set their own parameters to suit their own internal workflow process rules – very clever and very easy, and delivered without the need for expensive consulting services :-)

For more information about the configurable Youmanage framework and HR software platform, please request a free online demo or take out a 30-day free trial.

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