White Paper: How to Reduce Paper Usage across HR

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In an increasingly digital world, you might consider your business to be more environmentally-friendly than ever.

Emails and portable devices make the need for printing off documents far less prominent across businesses, allowing you to bring a tablet or phone to your meetings instead of printing the necessary information off.

You might, therefore, be shocked to find out that every person in the UK consumes the equivalent of 4.48 trees per year. And with 65 million people in the UK, that’s 291 million trees lost every single year - just from our country alone.

I don’t know about you, but the majority of printing I do happens at work - I don’t even own a printer in my house as there’s no need these days. I print things off relatively regularly in the office, but as a Digital Marketer the need for printing is far less than it might be if I worked in, say, Human Resources - employee documents, files, records & policy documents are often kept filed away instead of on computers or online.

On top of this, there’s an ever-increasing need for businesses to have their own environmental policies, displaying the ways that they are doing their part for the environment in the workplace - whether it be through recycling, walk-to-work schemes, and so on.

For HR, and for your business more generally, what better way to boost your environmental efforts than to reduce your paper usage by implementing a full-scale HR system that not only stores employee data but also policy guidance, company documents, and allows you to communicate with employees without the need for endless paper?

That’s why as a provider of an intuitive HR system we’ve decided to partner up with Trees For Life, a charity that we are looking forward to supporting, while also helping to reduce the number of businesses using paper systems to store their employee data.

How do we intend to do this?

For every new business adopting Youmanage this year, we’ll be planting a tree for them in the Youmanage grove - within the Caledonian Forest in Scotland. Our current clients are taking part in the scheme, too, allowing us to grow a large number of trees in this beautiful location.

What’s in it for my business?

We have our own page for our grove which we’ll use to post about the companies that we’ve planted trees for - it gives you a bit of exposure, and helps us to build a relationship with you, while simultaneously supporting the beautiful environment we live in in two ways - firstly, by helping you to #GoPaperless, and secondly by planting more trees to help restore the Caledonian Forest.

Why the Caledonian Forest?

The team at Youmanage has a strong connection with Scotland, as that’s where we’re based - we also wanted to support a charity local to us. The Caledonian Forest is Scotland’s most iconic landscape. It once covered a large part of the Scottish Highlands and takes its name from the Romans, who called Scotland 'Caledonia', meaning 'wooded heights'.

Sadly, there’s a large history of deforestation in Scotland. As the forest continues to shrink, and without protection from overgrazing, most of the remnants will disappear in the next few decades. We are therefore the last generation with the opportunity to save the Caledonian Forest and restore it for the future.

The days of paper systems are over

Saving paper & planting trees with Youmanage HR aren’t the only benefits you’ll see from implementing a cloud-based system. The days of storing employee documents on paper are well and truly over, with businesses across the UK reaping the numerous rewards HR systems can provide. Don’t allow yourself and your business to get left behind.

We know that implementing a system in your company on a large scale can be daunting - that’s why you can request a free online demo of the Youmanage platform to give you a better understanding of the ways that Youmanage can simplify, streamline & strengthen your HR processes - as well as supporting the environment and helping you to #GoPaperless.

Download the white paper: How to Reduce Paper Usage Across HR

Plant a tree in the Youmanage Grove here

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