'Rehumanise' your HR Processes in the Digital Age

Katie Harrower |


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Here at Youmanage we are big advocates of automating HR processes and empowering both HR professionals and line managers in undertaking people management procedures day to day.

We provide companies with an ability to comply with employment regulations, which as we know are constantly changing and difficult to follow without the correct systems in place.

In the modern age, technology has provided us with a means to store, record and manage our staff members data in a much easier and accessible way, and new features like workflow processes allow you to track and record HR practices from start to finish. Of course, all this transactional and workflow process stuff is all great news for HR, right? Yes, it is – but only if you are implementing it correctly.

I say this at the risk of sounding about eighty years old, but these days there is technology for everything. Some American companies have devices attached to the back of their office doors asking employees to rate how good their day was as they leave.

Technology is often viewed as a kind of double-edged sword – it can be immensely powerful and effective, but it can also be dangerous. Mark Frary’s article, ‘Is technology dehumanising the workplace?’ outlines some of the views on HR software which aren’t so positive, by expressing a concern that automated HR processes are causing managers to interact less and less with their team members.

How does the rise of technology tie in with the engagement of your employees? As more and more HR departments are adopting HR management systems, studies from Aon Hewitt suggest that employee engagement has been on a steady decline. So, how much of this can we attribute to the rise in the use and improved functionality within HR technology? Perhaps some?

However, this phenomena may have more to do with managers taking the wrong benefits from an HR system, where the focus is on using them to save the time and effort that goes into people management, instead of how they should be using them – to free up time to interact with employees, get to know them, promote engagement and improve their overall experience.

Employee engagement itself has become the number one trend in HR in 2017. It’s becoming increasingly important to provide your employees with a mixture of good benefits and strong manager/employee relations, as well as a welcoming, progressive and collaborative company culture.

By adopting HR software that manages many of the procedures for you, HR and people managers will have the time to cultivate these relationships and increase their employee engagement overall. This in turn will have a positive impact on the whole company in terms of achieving goals and objectives and therefore impacting the bottom line.

If using technology means that HR managers are spending more time staring at a computer screen than interacting with staff members, you know there’s a problem. But this shouldn’t be blamed solely on an HR management system – if your managers are using systems correctly, and as long the systems you use are fit for purpose, they should be interacting with staff more, not less.

If you aren’t convinced of your staff’s happiness and engagement, find the reasons. How many of us conduct ‘Stay Interviews’, or encourage regular informal 1-2-1’s, or even compile a satisfaction survey? No HRIS will provide you with the answers automatically but you could be finding ways in which you use your HR software to help you in the quest to ‘rehumanise’, rather than dehumanise, the workforce.

Did you find this article useful? Youmanage HR offers software to help you streamline your HR processes and ensure compliance within your company. We also write articles on HR, leadership, employee engagement, health & well-being and much more. Start a free trial of Youmanage, get in touch to ask questions, or check out our blog to help you to deliver HR best practice in your business.

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